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10 tips to making your Bangkok bedroom sexy!

10 tips to making your Bangkok bedroom sexy!

Sexy is always a good look for a bedroom but there is certainly an art to making your room ooze sex and love without getting too trashy or even sleazy! You can start by not even thinking about red walls, heart shapes, scented candles, and mirrored balls – all of which scream desperation!


This isn’t about creating a setting for short term lover affairs, this is about building a homely nest for two long term lovers, or at least two lovers-to-be. Even if you are single, in fact, even if you are a single guy, having a sexy (and not sleazy) bedroom, will hint to potential partners that you are not only style conscious and arty, but also that you are passionate and a great lover.


warm bedroom


Here are some tips for bringing sexy back to your bedroom:


1. Keep things adult


Now by adult we don’t me x-rated. Creating a great bedroom is all about creating an extension of who you are, but in making things personal you have to make sure to keep things grownup! You don’t want things looking like a teenager’s room. Be sexy and express who you are as an adult, not who you were as an adolescent. Women are sexier than girls, men are sexier than boys, it’s as simple as that.


2. Find the right colour balance


sexy bedroom


Cool colours are known to actually give you a better night’s sleep, but warm colours are simply more stimulating and sexy. The trick is to find something in the middle that works for you. Remember, we are not decorating a brothel here, so think about colours such as warm greys, browns, and greens.


3. Lighting options


Lighting is a crucial part of creating that sexiness, but equally as important you need some practical lighting options. You’ll want at least three lights in your room, preferably more, starting with a main ceiling light and a reading light either side of the bed. This simple set up should allow you to have full lighting, or intimate lighting just before bed (whether that be for reading or something more physical). A main dimmer light is great, especially if you can control it from your bed, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your bed-side reading lamps/lights.


4. Keep it quiet


Whether you live in a noisy soi in the centre of Bangkok or out in a quiet suburb, sound proofing your sexy new bedroom is not just about keeping sound out, it’s also about eliminating any unwanted noise already within. Firstly you can use lots of fabrics, rugs, and heavy curtains to dampen all unwanted and unsexy sounds, while making sure all cupboards, draws, and doors are soft and quiet when opening and shutting.

5. A bed for a king


sexy bed 2


If you are only willing to make one major purchase for your sexy bedroom make it a bed! Having a large bed is the backbone of any good (and sexy) bedroom. You don’t have to break the bank or run up a debt, but the more you invest in your bed the more you’ll get out of it.

6. Make it soft


Now, if you’ve got some money in the budget left, the next step is to kit out that amazing new bed with lots of soft sheets, comfy pillows, and a blanket which will keep you cool, but also help you melt when it’s sleep time. High quality bedding will not only significantly improve your sleep but it will also go a long way in improving the ‘sexy’ of your Bangkok bedroom.

7. De-office


If you are really committed to making this a sexy bedroom you need to lose (or at least hide) all the office and computing stuff. We are talking computers, wires, files, even paper work. Unless you really need to use your bedroom as work space, all this stuff needs to be hidden well out of sight, or preferably moved to a different room of your Bangkok condo. If you have no choice but to work from your bedroom, make sure to keep it tidy, hide the wires as discreetly as possible, and find some sexy storage for your paperwork!

8. Mirrors work


Bedroom mirror


Forget about feeling self-conscious, mirrors are a sure way to up the sexy in your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to position one or two mirrors so you can see yourself on the bed, it may seem a little strange at first but in moments of heated passion it will play in your favour. If it just feels too uncomfortable, try to use a standing mirror which can be moved into position when you are feeling daring.

9. So do candles 


While we started with a warning against scented candle what we really meant are cheap scented candles, which must be avoided at all costs. Candles are a great way to create a sexy vibe, and everyone looks great in candle light. It really is better to splash out on just one or two expensive candles than to risk any number of cheap candles which can have the opposite effect.

10. Keep it clean


Nothing is more unsexy than a messy room, even though this is the last of our 10 sexy tips, it should be both the first and last thing on your plan of action. It costs practically nothing to keep a room clean, and it’s often were many rooms fail. Try to always keep clothes folded and in the correct place (not thrown around the room or slung over a chair), keep surfaces clear and tidy, and regularly clean the floors. There is no bigger turn off than walking into an unclean bedroom.


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