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How You Display Your Property Makes a Difference

How You Display Your Property Makes a Difference

How You Display Your Property Can Make a Difference

Some property agents have a knack for making sales or rentals almost whenever they place an ad for a property. The common thread between these ads are useful information and photos that show the property at its best but are also honest photos.

There are some do and don’ts when placing a compelling ad for a property. An experienced and knowledgeable property agent knows what to do and what not to do when placing a property ad. If you’re a property owner, look through some of the ads before placing your own and decide whether or not you’d buy or rent the properties in question.

Generally, the properties that have informative ads with good, representative photos of the properties are the ones that get the most enquiries leading to sales or rentals.
You don’t want to misrepresent your property. This will waste your time as well as the interested buyer or renter. Showing your place over and over, only to have discouraged parties disappointed by the ad you placed, is not the correct way to generate a sale or rental.

Here are some tips about how to display your property to its best advantage and still represent it honestly.

Stretched or Doctored Photos Can Work Against You

You see photos all the time in property ads that are stretched artificially by the photographer. This is an incredibly bad technique to use as it serves to say the exact opposite of what you intended about the property.

There is only one reason to stretch a photo of a property, and that’s to infer the place is bigger than it is. Unfortunately, people who have been looking for a property for some time are wise to this trick. Instead of thinking that it looks spacious, the fact that the photo is so obviously stretched, generally means, to the interested party, the property is smaller than normal, and the place won’t even be considered.

Exterior Photos Don’t Show What People Want to See

A property ad that only shows beautifully manicured grounds, sparkling swimming pools and fitness centres is also hiding the property in question. These ads are just as liable to kill any interest a prospective buyer or renter has in the property as they don’t feel that the ad conveys any useful information about the property, only the about condo complex surrounding it.
Ads such as these will cause suspicion about the suitability of the unit itself, the size, how well it’s been maintained and the furnishings. Photos that show only the exteriors of a property might just as well be saying, “you wouldn’t be interested in this place”.

Create Interest by Your Choice of Photos

It doesn’t take a lot of skill to show a property to its best advantage in your photos; you just have to keep a few things in mind.
Take your photos from the corners of the rooms. This allows the interested browser to get an idea of the dimensions of the various rooms.
Show multiple rooms in one photo. Instead of taking pictures of one room at a time, open the doors and take pictures showing other rooms besides the one in which you’re taking the photo. This will give the interested browser an idea of the total space and how the rooms connect with one another.

One photo of the bathroom is enough. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms of the property. You should be able to show it all in one shot. There’s no need to take close-ups of the shower, sink and toilet.

Show the flaws, but don’t dwell on them. Be honest, if the property has a glaring flaw like a stained wall or a non-existent view from a picture window, show it in your photos. What may be deal-breakers for you may be no big deal for a buyer or renter. Don’t pre-suppose what interested parties are looking for.

If you honestly represent your property, browsers will appreciate it and be more willing to give it a look and consider it among their choices. Trying to pull tricks to fool prospective buyers or renters rarely works, and wastes everyone’s time.
Be honest in how you show your property, and you’ll probably be able to make a deal on it that much sooner that satisfies both you and the new tenant.

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