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4 DIY disasters to avoid!

4 DIY disasters to avoid!


We are all guilty of watching one DIY or home Improvement show too many, and we can be forgiven for getting it in to our head that taking on a few little DIY tasks could immediately raise the value of our apartment. Well, the truth is that taking on home improvement jobs without the proper knowledge, tools, or guidance is likely to knock 10’s of thousands of Baht off the value of your Bangkok apartment.


Here are 4 DIY disasters you’ll want to avoid:



Know the rules


For starters, if you are a tenant then you certainly don’t want to want to be taking on any major DIY tasks without the knowledge of your landlord! You may think you will be saving them a pretty penny and avoid lots of hassle, but the truth is what you are doing is no doubt in breach of you contract. You’re landlord is also likely to have their own handy person who will take care of any necessary improvements.


If you are set to take on a task yourself speak with your building manager first. You need to check if what you are about to do is within the rules of the building, otherwise you may find yourself in a bit of a bother.





Keep it simple


When it comes to tasks of decor and design, unless you really know what you are doing its best to keep things simple and go for neutral colours and decor. You may have it in your head that bright red and green walls are about to become the next big thing, but any risks you take are likely to come out of your pocket if when you look to sell or rent out your property at a later date.





DIY denial


DIY tasks are not the time to prove your manhood. No matter how big or small the repair job, be honest with yourself, do you really know what you need to do to fix it? Unless the answer is a definite yes, it’s time to swallow your pride and seek an expert.


Handymen in Bangkok are incredibly cheap compared to the west, and most good buildings are likely to have one on staff. Don’t take on any jobs you’re just not cut out to do, or you’ll end up losing a lot of time and money.


DIY tasks



Keep the kitchen


One mistake many apartment owners make is to spend money renovating or replacing the kitchen before renting or selling. You may have it in your head that spending money and time on your kitchen will raise the value and attraction of your home, but the truth is kitchens area matter of taste and you shouldn’t invest too much into kitchen changes, while DIY kitchen tasks are often a big ‘no no’.


A few simple tasks which can make a big difference are replacing doors and handles. But if you are tempted to do anything more yourself think again, you may just be throwing away good money. If you really want to spend time improving your kitchen without the help of experts, just give it a good clean, from top to bottom!


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