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5 things most people don’t know about Bangkok

5 things most people don’t know about Bangkok

Before you visit Bangkok, you might not know some key things about city. It is even possible for people to remain ignorant about some things about Bangkok even after some familiarity with the city.

Below are 5 things most people don’t know about Bangkok.


Public Transportation is Quite Reliable

Most people assume that because Thailand is a third world country, the public infrastructure is quite rundown and unreliable. Actually, Bangkok has made substantial investments in its public transportation system over the past few years.

As a result, the city now has a fast, reliable, and cheap mode of transport running through major points throughout the city – the BTS subway and the MRT. These trains are well maintained and very clean.


Bangkok’s Chinatown is the Biggest in the World

Referred as Yaowarat by the locals, the Chinatown in Bangkok is one of a kind. This part of the city is full of never ending alleyways that spread over a vast area of the city. More than a million Chinese people live in this part of the city. This section of the city is also quite exciting, and is a major hub for tourists, especially for its delicious offers of Thai street dishes.

Additionally, Bangkok’s Chinatown is also the home to the largest gold Buddha in the world, which is kept inside Wat Traimit. The Buddha weighs 5.5 tons.


Bangkok is the World’s Hottest City

This is according to the World Meteorological Organization, which places the average temperature in this megacity at 28 degrees Celsius. The temperature in this city can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius during the hottest months, which are March and May.

During November and February, the city is much cooler and more conducive to travelers.


Bangkok is Friendly to Cyclists

Most people expect to deal with crippling traffic jams once they visit Bangkok, leading them to assume that they have to abandon their preference for cycling as a way of moving around. However, Bangkok is quite friendly to cyclists. In additional to recreational parks containing dedicated cycling tracks, the city itself is very accommodating to cyclists.

As a matter of fact, the popular BTS even allows cyclists to enter the train coaches with their bikes.


Many Street Food Carts/Stalls do not operate on Mondays

Street food in Bangkok is great, which explains why it is big business for street food vendors. However, on Monday, many operators of this business do not even open their business. The reason is because the city is usually cleaned up on Mondays, and street vendors have to stay away to make the process more convenient.

Although some of the business operators open their stalls and operate their food carts after the cleaning is over, some prefer to stay away the entire day.

This is why a Monday is not a great day to sample Thailand’s best street dishes.



There is a lot about Bangkok that many tourists to this great city do not know. For instance, the city holds world records for the biggest Chinatown as well as the largest gold Buddha.

Other than that, most visitors do not know that Bangkok is also quite hot, is surprisingly accommodating to bikers, and has fewer street food carts operating on Mondays.

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