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6 Simple Tricks to Making Your Bangkok Apartment More Cozy

6 Simple Tricks to Making Your Bangkok Apartment More Cozy

So you just moved into your Bangkok apartment; you may have the couch, chair, table bed, and any other necessary furniture, but perhaps it still feels empty or “cold”. Don’t worry; we will help you to fill your new apartment with everything you need to make it feel cozy and more like you. After all, it is the little things here and there that can transform any space into a comfortable and cozy space. Here are some simple tricks to make your Bangkok apartment cozier no matter what your decorating style or budget may be. Enjoy!

Soft Lighting

Far too many buildings include fluorescent lighting within the apartments; while this type of lighting may save you money, it tends to be very unpleasant. You may begin to think you are in a 7-11 or office rather than feeling like you are at home.  One of the first tricks to making your Bangkok apartment cozier is to add some soft lighting to change the mood. Using incandescent lights will help to dim the room while taking on a softer, more inviting glow. A quick tip when decorating your apartment with this lighting is to aim the light at a wall, or shade, rather than onto where a person would be. This will allow the light to diffuse and expand naturally.

Intimate Seating

We have already discussed the importance of the perfect chair in our Interior Design Trend article; again we will stress the importance of the perfect arrangement of seating. Your chairs and couches should be neatly clustered in order to foster conversation with your family or guests. Each seating arrangement should be set around various architectural points within the room, such as a large window, bookcase, or corner table. These small seating areas will add a feeling of intimacy and coziness, no matter how big or small the room may be.


Bangkok Apartment Rug


Add Rugs

The majority of apartments in Bangkok have hardwood, tile, or marble flooring. Sure this can be nice and very easy to clean, but it can project an empty feeling. Soften the room while adding a touch of color with a nice area rug. Places with rugs tend to be more inviting; therefore becoming a cozy place to settle down and watch a football game or movie flick.

Warm Colors

Nothing will cozy up a room quite like a nice coat of paint on your walls. Consider hues of taupe, misty greens, or soft blues to bring some warmth and emotion to your apartment. If you are more into bright colors, don’t worry, because contrary to what many believe bright colors can be just as cozy as warm colors, especially if you accessorize with bold contrasting colors.


Bangkok Apartment Pillows


Go Crazy with Pillows

Yes, that’s right, toss pillows wherever you deem fit.  Pillows will greatly increase any rooms appeal; even if in all honesty they do not serve any purpose. People like pillows, they bring color, comfort, and of course coziness; therefore, they are a definite must.


Bangkok apartment Plants


Plant Some Life

Bring a touch of nature into your Bangkok apartment with fresh flowers or lovely houseplants. Even on the dreariest days, a vase of orchids or a nice pot of tropical leaves can bring about warmth and liveliness.

We hope you enjoyed some of these simple ways to make your Bangkok apartment cozier. Stay tuned for more tips and advice on renting and buying in Bangkok.

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