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7 Things About Bangkok Your Family Wants to Know

7 Things About Bangkok Your Family Wants to Know

If you live in Thailand, your family may be wondering what Thailand is like. Maybe they are planning a visit or you and your family are planning to visit Bangkok for the very first time. Either way, there are a few things you may want to know about it.

Here is a list of things you want to pay attention to on your trip:


Hotel Stay

Booking a place to stay before you travel is always a good idea. There are several family friendly hotels in Thailand some of them with kid-friendly activities. For family hotels, they are reasonably priced as well.

Make sure you have booked in advance and confirm your booking again immediately before you leave.



The Thai culture is very rich and historical. However, it is also rather modest. Based mainly on the Buddhist religion, you may want to know how to behave in social situations like not touching someone’s head or how to greet someone (holding your palms together like in prayer and bowing slightly).

It is important to respect the new culture you are entering even as you travel.



This doesn’t mean you have to know every little detail of the language. Knowing just enough to get by like using polite words for asking or asking prices or for emergency help is important.

Make sure you learn these as soon as you can possibly before your trip.

The rest you will probably pick up as you go along.



There is plenty to see and do in Thailand. From the themed restaurants to the zoos and from the museums to the temples. There is plenty to keep you entertained and many spots for children to visit if you have them. Visit the Lumpini Park together or go and see the Siam Niramit performance together.

If you would prefer, you can look up some of the more unconventional places to visit like the hell gardens (not exactly suitable for kids) or the James Bond Island.



It doesn’t quite make sense to visit a different country with different cultures and not get to taste some of the local cuisine. The best place to get it would probably be in the food markets. Once you buy your food you can sit together and enjoy. In some places, you will find stalls selling ready-made Thai food with tables and benches outside for you to eat at.

For a bit of added adventure, visit the Amphawa floating market for your meal.


Rules and Laws

There are certain rules set in place that if violated could led to imprisonment. Make sure you learn all the rules that apply to foreigners. Have all your documentation ready.

Do not disrespect the monks, the temples or the royal family.

Stay on the right side of the law and your trip should go just fine.



At all times when you are in a foreign country, you should exercise safety. Keep your things near you at all times even as you are being friendly.

Ask questions where you don’t understand. Follow safety rules and regulations put in place.

If you are looking for a proper tour guide, call the ministry of tourism to get one – better safe than sorry.

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