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7 tips for moving home

7 tips for moving home


Moving to a new apartment can be a mix of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. You can’t wait to get into your new home and start to add some personal touches, but first there is the mammoth task of packing up everything you own in the world and moving it across town – hoping that nothing gets lost or broken along the way.


It really doesn’t need to be a stressful event, with a little planning and organization you may even enjoy it! Here are 7 tips for moving home:


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Enlist help


Don’t try to do it alone, you are going to need support both mentally and physically, on the day. And the more help you get the easier the task will become, so your first job it to start recruiting. Contact close friends and if you are still short on help put an add up on your Facebook or Twitter offering a round of pizza and beers for anyone willing to help.



Make a welcome box


When you have spent all day moving home you are unlikely to want to start unpacking immediately. You’ll be tired and probably just want to relax, get through your first night and start unpacking the next day – welcome box to the rescue!


Your welcome box should contain everything you’ll need for your first night: your wash bag, towel and everything you need for your bedtime routine, a kettle, snacks, mugs, tea bags/coffee and milk (bring enough for all your helpers!), a change of comfortable clothes, any medication you might need, your phone charger, bed sheets and pillows if there are none waiting for you, and anything else you may need to get through that first night.


Moving home



Get organised


Making a to do list is a great way to get organised. You should create several lists or tick sheets for each stage of the operation: the packing, the moving, and all the things you need to do once you have moved to your new apartment.


It’s also a good idea to keep an inventory of everything you pack, and if possible number the boxes so you know exactly where everything is (or should be!).



Out with the old


Moving home is a great way to de-clutter. Packing is a great time to evaluate what you have and what you don’t need. Throwing out or donating old and unused items to charity will not only give you less items to move, it will give you the best start to your new home.


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Don’t over pack


It may seem tempting to pack as much into your moving boxes as possible, with the logic that less boxes means less moving, however lifting heavy boxes will soon sap your energy, risks breaking boxes and losing things, and may even cause injuries.


Spread out heavy items and keep boxes light enough that you can lift them without any strain. Remember, Bangkok can get very hot and sticky even on a good day, you won’t enjoy struggling through the heat carrying anything too heavy.



Learn to fold your clothes

One error many people make when moving is to not take care of clothes when packing. Treat it as if you are packing for a holiday and fold everything with care. Take your time in the packing and you’ll save lots of time, not having to spend a day ironing in your new home!


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Items of value


If you are moving anything of high value you should consider getting it insured for the move, or using a shipping agent to move it independently (they will insure it for you). If you are going to move it yourself make sure to use lots of bubble wrap and if possible, a hard case.



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