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A Guide to Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

A Guide to Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

Due to the vast size of the city plus the growing number of developments, it can be relatively easy to find a Bangkok apartment for rent as long as you have enough money! If you come across a property you like and agree to take on a lease, you will need to sign a standard tenancy agreement and a letter of intent. The agreement contains all the important terms and conditions required by the various Thai laws in order to set up a formal lease between you and the landlord.


In order to secure a Bangkok apartment for rent, it will be necessary to make a commitment of 3-6 months and it may be longer in some cases. In most instances, the landlord will ask for 2 months of rent as a deposit so for example, if you rented a 25.000 THB per month apartment, you would need to pay 75.000 THB for the first month and 25000 THB for each subsequent month until the end of your lease. As long as the landlord is happy with the way the apartment looks upon the end of your lease, you will receive your 50.000 THB deposit back.


You should look for an agent that offers a standard lease that is not biased towards the landlord. However, it is often the case where the landlord asks to use their lease since it is in their native Thai and they do not speak English. It is best if you don’t sign anything in Thai and get an agent such as HomeConnect to read the lease on your behalf.

If you were to sign a Thai lease without fully understanding the terms and conditions, you could legally bind yourself in a way you are not aware. During lease negotiations, you also need to determine what the terms are for ending a contract prematurely as well as knowing more about the contract when it comes to damages and whether or not you want particular appliances and furniture added or removed.

If you have the time, walking around the city is a great way to see the sights and find suitable Bangkok apartments for rent or else you can just contact us on HomeConnect Thailand and we will help you out!

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