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Adding value to your Bangkok apartment

Adding value to your Bangkok apartment

Whether you are looking to sell, rent, or just give your Bangkok apartment a new lease of life, making a few minor alterations and delicate touches can soon add some value and attraction.

Here are a few tips:


Pay attention to the outside

apartment entrance



You may live on the 20th floor of the apartment building but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest a little time and money on how your home looks on the outside.

Start with the entrance, make sure your external walls and doorway is clean and presentable even if your neighbours aren’t. Consider adding a new set of numbers if the old ones have seen better days, and add a bit of tasteful personal touches, like a vase of flowers, to make your territory in style.

Don’t stop there, pay attention to your balcony spaces. They should always be kept clean and tidy. You may have large and ugly air conditioning units sat on your balcony space. One trick to draw the attention away from these is by using colourful pot plants.



Make more space

small office


Often the worst thing you can do to an apartment is to reduce space, either by knocking down walls or converting bedrooms into utility rooms or studies. If you are looking to add value to your Bangkok apartment you want to be conjuring up more space.

Many apartments in Bangkok will have a maid’s room, often used as a storage space these days, but with a little effort and money these can usually be converted into an additional bedroom or study, which will instantly raise the value of your apartment.


Kitchens and bathrooms

clean kitchen


Kitchens are usually the first room in the house to lose their ‘appeal’, swiftly followed by bathrooms. They build up grim and dirt, and even with regular cleaning there areas of these rooms that are often missed. Potential buyers and tenants are often sold on attractive kitchens and bathrooms, or deterred by ugly ones. You don’t need to gut these rooms out and start again, you can actually refurbish these rooms at a mall fraction of the cost.

The trick is to replace all the cupboard and cabinet doors with new ones. Once all the doors have been removed, take out the fridge, and any other appliances, give the rooms a serious de-clutter, and clean them for top to bottom, getting in all those places that are usually covered or hard to reach, leaving the room as clean as humanly possible. Once you add your new doors, hinges, and handles it will be looking as good as new!


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