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An Introduction to Real Estate Investing in Asia

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing in Asia

In general, the Asian real estate market faces the same ups and downs that the global real estate market is experiencing. However, it is fair to say that the current real estate market in Asia remains quite attractive to would-be investors.

Below is a brief introduction into the real estate market in Asia for potential real estate investors.



As one of the top Asian economic giants, China is experiencing an especially upbeat real estate market. The economy may have cooled after growing at record speeds, by real estate investors can still enjoy favorable tax treatments that are also helping the market to retain its steady growth.

Although the price of properties and rent prices have generally stopped growing at high rates, high demand for real estate properties indicates that the market will remain steady over the foreseeable future.

Popular investment destinations in China include Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.



The Japanese real estate market is quite vibrant, with Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka featuring among the top cities for real estate investors, thanks to spirited efforts by the government to improve the market and the economy in general.

The Japanese real estate market has experienced a rebound over 2014, which has been accompanied by growing investor demand.



Thailand remains one of the top destinations for investors wishing to enter the Asian real estate market. A city like Bangkok attracts several foreign real estate investors.

The government policies on investing in the Thailand real estate market may be a little restrictive, but the opportunities still exist for savvy investors wishing to make good returns.



Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City is a favorite among real estate investors in Asia. Foreign investment in the country is growing.

Furthermore, the construction of better transport infrastructure only spells a great future for the country’s real estate market.



Singapore has a mature economy and limited land space. This has made its real estate market quite dependable for investors cautious about price volatilities.

The government in Singapore is also quite stable in comparison to Asian countries such as Thailand, where coup d’etats are common.



The Indonesian economy may not be a match for some Asian heavyweights such as China in terms of growth, but its real estate market has a lot to offer potential real estate investors.

There is growth in foreign investment in the country. This has in turn stimulated interest in its real estate market, particularly in Jakarta city.


The Rest of Asia

There are other real estate investment destinations in Asia worth considering, although the justification for future prospects may not be evident. For instance, Malaysia is experiencing a growth in its real estate market due to what experts consider investor speculation.

Taiwan is also experiencing a surge in real estate development, despite the fact that demand for properties is falling as birth rates decrease.

Hong Kong can also be a great place to make real estate investments. Like Singapore, Hong Kong has limited land space. Hong Kong is also quite popular among foreign real estate investors.

More importantly, the market weathers economic problems superbly, making it a great place to invest.


Final Thoughts

There are many investment options for people seeking to make great real estate investments in the Asian real estate market.

Major cities in China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries have real estate markets that offer great prospects for would-be investors.

As a beginner, this guide should give you a fairly clear picture of where to look as you look for properties to invest in in this part of the world.

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