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Bangkok apartment home improvements.. on a budget!

Bangkok apartment home improvements.. on a budget!

Whether you are looking to do some home improvements to your Bangkok apartment with an eye to  sell, rent, or just spruce up your living quarters, the first concern that comes to mind is likely to be your budget. On top of that you probably have no real idea where to start and are more keen just to hit your nearest HomePro store and plough into the job as soon as possible.


Now while ‘time is money’ for most busy Bangkokians, rushing home improvements isn’t going to help your budget, and in the long run it’s likely to eat up more of your time than if you start a project like this without all the proper prep. The key to successful home improvements is all in the planning.


Here are some tips to planning your home improvement projects:





– Know your budget. Before you can even think about starting a home improvement project you need to know exactly what you can spend, and then stick to it. Costs can soon add up and even spiral out of control if you don’t get on top of it from the start.


– Once you’ve fixed your budget you need to prioritize what to spend it on. You can do this by first setting goals for each room, and then list the rooms in order of which needs the most attention, then you can divide your budget accordingly. Taking this one step further you can also divide the budget of what needs the most improvement in each room. You’ll find it’s also far easier approaching a project like this one room at a time.


– Case the joint. By creating floor plans and mapping out each room you can really get organised and better see how and where to work. By using some graph paper you can even keep things to scale. Having such plans will be a massive help when out shopping for furnishings, paint, and accessories.


girl redecorating home


– Decide on your themes and colour schemes before you hit the stores. Take your time to work out how you want each room to look. Get some colour charts and inspiration from home magazines, and try to make some firm decision before hitting the stores with money in your hand.


– When it does come to getting you materials and furnishing make sure to shop around. HomePro is great, as are some of the mega stores like Big C and Tesco Lotus, but they aren’t always the best for quality, neither are they always the cheapest. Take a look at a few local stores and market places (the Chatuchak Weekend Market is great for furniture and decor), and be sure to check out online stores too.




– Once you have your plans and everything you need to get started, and you are ready to go (one room at a time!), make sure you know which order to tackle each job.


– Carpentry and electrical work should always be done before you start the decorating. Decorating, such as painting, should always be done from top to bottom. All decorating should also be finished before you start bringing in the furnishings. And finally, furniture should always be arrange and set in place before you start adding all the accessories and the delicate final touches.



Things don’t always go to plan or budget, but by having the plans and prep work in place you are putting yourself in the best possible position to keep control of your time and spending. Good luck!

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