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Bangkok Condo Market

Bangkok Condo Market

Foreign purchasers are advised to buy Bangkok condos since Bangkok has restrictions on purchasing land. There are very many investors who build condos for sale to people living outside Bangkok. The condos are ideal for foreigners since they provide the easiest and quickest way of finding suitable and comfortable place to live in Bangkok.


Current status of the market


The Bangkok condo market has been growing even though the property market was greatly affected by politics. The average take up of the condos launched in the first three months of 2014 were only 40%. The launching rate was relatively lower because of the political situation of 2013 that affected the mood of the buyers. Most developers who launched their condo project in the first three months have not limited the marketing activities. This is because more developers are expected to invest more on marketing activities for remaining quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015.


Available condo options and selections


Bangkok condo shoppers have various types of condo selections to choose from depending on their needs. This is enabled by the fact that there are very many developers who are rushing in the marketplace with different types of condos. Some of the new developers are coming up with new units and designs that feature a discriminative price for the upper and middle class buyer. Nevertheless, there are very many condos in the market that make it ideal for buyers to find great deals.


Why buy Bangkok condos?


Many foreigners are looking at these condos as potential investments since the real estate market is booming. It continues to rise every year making the condos an ideal investment choice. In addition, the condos provide a comfortable and cool place where you can call home and enjoy your holidays in Bangkok. You can also find a real estate firm to keep the condo rented for you when you are away, which is a great way of paying for your condo.


Facilities in a condo


Bangkok condominiums have various facilities that make them great for convenience and comfort. They are installed with high tech gadgets and fully furnished. They have better security and safety than residential homes since they have a 24-hour surveillance camera that monitors the entire building. Condos have a wide range of leisure activities that include entertainment facilities, sauna bath, fitness center and spa.


Considerations before buying a condo in Bangkok


Investors and future homeowners should be keen when buying their condos to ensure they settle for the best selection. They may consider various factors that include their needs, amenities or facilities of the condo, provision of maintenance services, condition of the condo, prevailing price levels and how long they are planning to live in Bangkok. Buyers can consult a real estate agent to get all the details on how to make their condo investment more profitable.


It doesn’t matter whether you would like to enjoy your holidays or retire in style in Bangkok. The condos offer a great option of investing your hard earned money. As a buyer, you should be optimistic to find a condo that matches all your needs.

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