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Best Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Bangkok

Best Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Bangkok

A trip to Thailand with your family will definitely be different from the typical Thailand trip that you may have on your own or with friends. This is because the interests of the other family members, especially the children come first. There are very many places you can visit with your family for an awesome holiday with your family.

These destinations include:


Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean gives your family a nose to nose fascinating experience with underwater creatures. You are only separated by glass and you can dive among the sharks. There are many informative and fun creatures that will keep everyone interested. You will enjoy variety of luminous fishes including freaky moon jellies, oriental small clawed otters and the weedy sea dragons.

There are many activities that you can choose to do in the Siam Ocean World. For instance, you can dive with sea animals, comb the ocean floor in a diving suit and helmet or observe sea creatures from a glass boat. Activities for kids include playing in the happy feet pool, rocky shore talk and feeding penguins, shark and, otter and rainforest zone.


Silom to Fly a Boeing737

Flying Boeing-737 is a special gift for everyone, from adults to young children who dream of becoming pilots one day. It provides wings for those who fear flying which is great for those who have passion for planes. It comes along with a realistic cockpit experience which is similar to what you see in TV shows and films. Flight Experience in Bangkok is very pleasing and it will fuel your excitement for the next flight.



It is among the latest and most innovative additions in the edutainment scene. It is has unique and different features that will definitely level up your fun. It is a family entertainment center that appears like a cute mini-town with European style houses. There is however a deeper meaning from every shop and the executed craftsmanship that kids between four and fifteen years can learn easily.


Art in Paradise Trick-Eye 3D Museum

It is a successful interactive attraction that started in Pattaya. It is at the Esplanade Shopping Mall along Ratchada road. It is great for families and couples to visit have fun, particularly on rainy days.


Siam Discovery Center

It is commonly known for ice skating making it possible for visitors to escape the heat of Bangkok. There are other ice rinks in Bangkok, but Siam Discovery Center has the greatest rink almost the size of Olympic rinks. You will be given paid lessons if you are still a newbie so as to glide on the ice like a pro and have unlimited fun.


Safari World

It is a “zoo” for those who don’t enjoy zoo probably because the animals are enclosed in a small area. The Safari World is a quite fun since you will see different animals roaming free in their natural environment. It has two sections, one for Safari Park and the other for Marine Park which is like a traditional zoo with souvenir shops and shows.

The destinations above are great for family trips. They have a lot for all your family members regardless of their age. Be sure to have the right attitude and plan early for the trip to make your family happy and spend quality time with them.

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