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Best Mobile Apps For Learning Thai Language Basics

Best Mobile Apps For Learning Thai Language Basics

If you plant on staying in Thailand for some time, learning a little Thai will considerably make your life easier. For one, you will be better placed to negotiate when hiring a taxi or buying things such as food on the streets. A rudimentary understanding of Thai language will also make your integration into the vibrant Thai social life so much easier.

For first timers, learning Thai can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are apps that can help you gain a basic understanding of Thai language without much effort or taking too much time. Below are the best mobile apps for learning Thai language basics.


  1. Nemo Thai

Not only does the Nemo Thai app give you common Thai phrases and words, it also provides audio from a native speaker to let you know how the words are pronounced. You can even record yourself saying various Thai words just to find out how well your Thai language education is going.


  1. Learn Thai – A Simple Thai Phrasebook

Learn Thai is an app that truly offers an opportunity to learn Thai at an accelerated pace. If you have tried other means of learning Thai and feel that you are not making any headway, this app will most likely resolve your problems. You can even learn enough rudimentary Thai to use in the country if you are visiting for a short while.


  1. Learn Thai – Free WordPower

This app is also a great way to learn Thai the easy way. If you are extremely busy and do not have the hours that might be needed to learn Thai comprehensively, then this app is for you. This app focuses on the most important Thai words to make sure you can know what to say in practically every situation that requires your use of Thai language skills.


  1. Speak Thai

This app is produced by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. This app offers an easy way to learn Thai because it offers over 2,000 translations for common words and phrases. After a few moments with this app, you should know some basic Thai and communicate with native Thais without a problem.


  1. Walen Thai

Walen Thai takes a different, yet effective route towards teaching first time learners of the Thai language how to speak and understand the language. This app teaches learners the Thai alphabet and the Thai numerical system. The app also helps learners to master various major sounds in the Thai language so that you will not have a problem deciphering Thai words when the language is being spoken. The app also features common Thai phrases.



Learning Thai can prove to be quite challenging. Most people do not even know where to begin. However, there are several apps that are able to offer people who do not know a word of Thai an opportunity to have a rudimentary grasp of this language without too much trouble or without having to spend too much time.

These top apps can teach you anything from common Thai phrases to language rules that will make you learn to speak the Thai language within a shorter learning curve.

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