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Best Ways to Get Regular Exercise in Thailand Without Joining a Gym

Best Ways to Get Regular Exercise in Thailand Without Joining a Gym

With food and nonstop leisure as some of Thailand’s major attractions, many expats find themselves badly in need of regular exercises in order to stay in shape. For some, the gym offers a welcome chance for them to attain their fitness goals. However, for some people, attending the gym can seem quite tedious. Sometimes the gym subscription costs might not feel justified.

Luckily, Thai weather is very accommodating to an all-year-long outdoor workout routine.

So, below are some ways you can get regular exercise without joining a gym when living in Thailand.


Running or Jogging

Luckily, Thailand’s major cities are full of recreational parks with dedicated tracks for joggers and runners. Many people exploit these tracks to run or jog frequently, hence getting their daily dose of cardio workout each day. You can even join running clubs to add some fun to this healthy fitness activity.

More importantly, your running workouts could be as intensive or as mild as you need them to be, as long as they help you attain your fitness goals.



In addition to the running tracks, Thailand is also famous for its cycling tracks. Cycling enthusiasts can engage in daily workouts along these tracks and get great workouts in the process. Outdoor cycling is also quite fun, something a gym may not always provide.

Moreover, cycling is one of the best ways of getting to know Thailand and its various fascinating sites.


Engage in Sports like Soccer and Tennis

The recreational parks that spread out across Thailand, particularly in cities such as Bangkok, offer their visitors numerous opportunities to engage in regular exercises. For instance, you can play tennis, basketball, soccer, and so forth, on a regular basis. You can even get friends who enjoy the sports you like and form a group that goes to such sports on a regularly.

Something like tennis is sure to work up a sweat that will obviously keep you in shape.



Swimming places are fairly common in Thailand, especially in major recreational parks. You can develop a routine whereby you visit a park with swimming services near you in order to engage in this physically demanding sport Luckily, Thai weather is quite conducive to this and other forms of exercise and actually makes it a necessity during especially hot seasons.


Learn Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a world-famous sport that is actually native to Thailand. Therefore, there is no better place to learn this ancient form of fighting than its country of birth. Thailand has a lot of training centers that teach Muay Thai to willing individuals. Regular attendance of this exciting form of sport will certainly keep you fit without you even noticing.

The training involves intensive workouts in addition to handy self-defense techniques that will also boost your self-esteem.


So There You Have It

There is absolutely no reason to remain unfit while in Thailand simply because you cannot go to the gym for one reason or another. Thailand has a lot of places, particularly public parks, where you can engage in several fun sports and develop a rigorous workout routine that can help you maintain your fitness.

Some of the things you can do without going to the gym in Thailand include running or jogging, cycling, swimming, playing soccer, tennis, or basketball, and even trying out the country’s native sport, Muay Thai.

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