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Celebrating Christmas in Bangkok

Celebrating Christmas in Bangkok

Thailand isn’t a country that celebrates Xmas traditionally, however, with the large number of expats that live here, and the fact that Thai people love to celebrate whatever the occasion, Xmas is becoming much more popular.

Although you won’t find Thai families putting up Xmas trees or giving out presents, you will find that the holiday is acknowledged by all and the major tourist spots will accommodate for the occasion.

Below are some tips that can help ensure that your Xmas is that much more enjoyable!


Christmas Shopping

If you are the type who likes to indulge in a spot of shopping during the festive season you will not be disappointed.

Bangkok is home to some pretty impressive shopping malls, all of which are going to be decorated for the festive season. Central World in Ratchaprasong has an enormous Xmas tree outside the front plaza area which is decorated beautifully.

If you have children, you may even find that a number of malls hold a Santa’s grotto type event. Most malls offer a gift wrapping service for cheap too.

You will also find that many outlets and shopping malls will be offering discounts at this time of year.


Christmas Dinner

If you are a big fan of sitting down on Xmas day and enjoying some turkey with all the trimmings, you will be pleased to know that there are many places putting on a Xmas menu.

The main places you will find a good Xmas lunch or dinner is the expat owned pubs and bars in central Bangkok, especially down the Sukhumvit stretch.

Hotels throughout Bangkok will also offer a Xmas menu for the guests and general public who wish to eat at their hotels. Some of these hotels will have restaurants on the top floors which means you can also enjoy fantastic views across Bangkok’s skyline.

Finally, you could book yourself on to one of the popular river cruises along the Chao Phraya River that offer a Xmas Eve and Xmas day package. These include a mixture of Thai and Western food and a lot of fun entertainment!

Keep an eye on the ‘what’s on’ guides in local papers and the internet to find the best places offering festive menus and activities.


Visiting Santa

If you are in Bangkok over the festive season and have children that may be missing the festivities of back home in the west, they will be happy to learn that Santa visits South East Asia too!

There are a number of family and children’s events where Santa makes an appearance, and as mentioned previously, most of the major shopping malls and outlets will have something for the children such as a Santa’s grotto.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Bangkok Kids Facebook page to see what events are happening around the city.





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