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Chinatown: What to See and Do

Chinatown: What to See and Do

One of the most interesting places in Bangkok is Chinatown. It has attractive scenes for tourists and visitors alike.

The tourists however should get a guide before starting exploring the region if they are not familiar with the area. The main arteries of Chinatown are Thanon Yaowarat and Thanon Charoen which offer a variety of shopping choices.

Chinatown is a home to many historical features so bring your camera.


Things to see in Chinatown

There are several alleys in the region. This is where buildings that sell different types of cuisine are located. One of the most popular alleys is the Trok itsaranuphap. The foods are colorful and are enriched with ingredients which have a lot of health benefits. Once in Chinatown, you will notice these alleys straightaway.

Another feature that you can see in Chinatown is the Sampeng Lane and Pahurat Market. Walking through this lane is exhausting but it is quite interesting. There are also circus-like acts of balancing and maneuvering. This is an interesting performance where men transport large stalks of sacks and boxes using just minute dolleys. You can stay in Chinatown hotels too which range in prices.

Saphanthawong museum. This is a community museum. It is opened for eight hours a day starting nine in the morning to five in the evening. It is dedicated to early Chinese immigrants and is an idyllic place to check the history of the area and get factual information about its past.

The Wat Traimit- this is a place where thousands of tourists flock every day. It is a temple of the Golden Buddha. The interesting part about this building is that it is made up of 5.5 tons of pure gold. Amazing! The opening hours for this temple are from nine in the morning to five in the evening. It is located at the south west of Traimit Road.

The Wat Mangkon Kamalawat-this is another attractive feature in Chinatown. It is a place where the main Chinese festivals are held and is home to the largest Chinese temple in Bangkok. To get into this place, you enter through a very beautiful passer way which directs you into a very big courtyard. The temple is decorated in a Chinese way and inside the temple there are many fascinating things to see. The temple is located along Charoenkrung Road and the opening hours are from nine in the morning to five in the evening.

The Thanon Yaowarat-this is a dragon found in Chinatown. It is interesting that its head is at the gate of Chinatown, the body runs through the eastern and the western road and the tail is dipped into the waters in the Rob K rung canal. Tourists can walk along this dragon all the way to the tail which can be quite exhausting. However, there are big restraints along the way where tourists can have a rest.

Chinatown is a place that you can enjoy exploring. It is one of the places that registers a large number of tourists each year. The scenes in the area are unique and idyllic for tourists and I’m sure you will have a great time!

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