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Creating a colour scheme for you Bangkok Apartment

Creating a colour scheme for you Bangkok Apartment


One of the most important tasks when decorating you Bangkok apartment is finding a colour scheme you can work with. It really is a more important decision than most people realise, and it’s often the moment when you make the first real commitment to creating the new vibe of your home. Choose the right scheme and everything should start to fall in to place, pick the wrong scheme and it will have a ripple effect on every other decor decision you make.


Moreover, if you’re going to do thing right,  you need to pick a colour scheme early on and stick to it! You risk making some decor faux pas if you try to veer away from your scheme once you have started. Here are some tips to creating the ideal colour scheme for your home:



colour sccheme kitchen


Don’t rush it!


You’re probably eager to get started, rush to the store, purchase your paint, and start coating the walls with colour. However, your first step is to just relax and take stock of what you are working with.


Look around at the rooms you wish to decorate. What are the large, definite objects and pieces of furniture in the room? What are the items that will be around for years to come? By defining what will be staying you can start to determine what colours you can choose from, and more importantly, which ones will clash with your existing furniture and decor.



colour scheme




Always take note of your floors before choosing a colour scheme, this is the second largest surface area in your Bangkok apartment and one which is likely to go unchanged for some time.


Make a note the colour of your floor (there is no such colour as wood!), and if possible take a sample to the store when heading off for advice. When you bring paint samples and colour charts bck home one of the first things you want to do is hold them against your floor and see if they work together or not.


One thing to avoid is giving the walls a similar colour to the floor, this can look very garish.



Colour charts


Stone surfaces


If you have stone  surfaces in your home you should approach these with caution. Stone is often a hard surface to judge the colour of, especially with marble, and certain colours and shades can remain hidden until placed against certain other colours.


As with your floors, make sure to hold any potential colours up against your stone surface to see what works and what clearly doesn’t. If you are finding it hard to judge what works against the stone, trying choosing a colour that you do see in the stone and using this. However, avoid using different shades of colours you see in the stone.



colour scheme hall


Cabinets and cupboards


Along the same lines, test all our potential colour schemes up against any major cabinets or cupboards you have in the room, and make sure there are no ugly clashes. As a general rule,  warm coloured wood cabinets work best with cool coloured walls.



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