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De cluttering your Bangkok apartment!

De cluttering your Bangkok apartment!


Does your Bangkok apartment look like this?




You’re not alone. Though so many of us dream of having that spacious, minimalistic, modern Bangkok apartment, with not even a hint of mess or clutter to be seen, a home we proudly show off to friends and colleagues. The truth is that in the vast majority of Bangkok homes worktops and furniture surfaces rarely stay clutter free for long. Like an exotic disease, food flyers, magazines and newspapers, clothes, souvenirs, and general bric-a-brac seem to breed and multiply, spreading throughout our homes, taking over the aesthetic and the space, killing our dreams of having that showroom apartment.


Ok, maybe that’s a little over-dramatic, but the truth is in order to keep our homes clean it can often seem as if we are in an ongoing battle against clutter, but it doesn’t need to be that way. By following a few simple rules we can soon win back the space and surfaces of our apartment and fight off the evil clutter. Well, we can try at least..



1. Put it in the trash!


There are only two kinds of things you should allow in your home; the things that are useful and the things that are beautiful. This is the first rule you need to learn, and you need to stick by it ruthlessly in order to stay clutter free.


There is a temptation to put anything that ‘one day could be useful’ into a draw or cupboard, and stored until that moment of need comes. This is how the dreaded clutter drawers and cupboards begin. To fully commit to de-cluttering your home you need to get rid of anything inexpensive which is not used on a regular basis. Your home is not  a warehouse. Useful items are things you use on a weekly basis, or at the very least a monthly basis. The annoying thing is that most of the items you will find in cluttered drawers and cupboards are things which are inexpensive, and could quite easily be bought if/when they are needed.


Now, when it comes to the beautiful things it’s all down to personal taste, but you have to be tough to be a true de-clutterer. Try to avoid too much sentiment. OK, you may want to keep family heirlooms, antiques, and things which mean a lot you, but anything else which doesn’t fit in with the look and design of your Bangkok home needs to go in the trash instead of the maids room or the kitchen cupboard you don’t use!


clutter draw



2. Avoid collecting clutter in the first place


How many times do you pass through your apartment lobby and see an interesting flyer or leaflet? And what happens? You pick it up and take it home, where it finds a place on cabinet or tale top and sits there looking ugly with all the other flyers, business cards, and leaflets you’ll never use. Do yourself a favour, read it in the lobby then leave it in the lobby. If you really think it may be of use take a photo of it, store the info on your phone, make a note of the website. Do anything but start a flyer collection in your home.


The same goes for knick knacks you buy when out shopping, or passing through the gift store. Remember the useful/beautiful rule, especially when passing through a souvenir shops (which rarely contain either).



3. Everything has its place


Clothes are often the cause of much bedroom clutter. Despite having wardrobes, drawers, and cabinets for our clothes, they often seem to find new homes on chairs, tables, and other surfaces. It all comes down to being lazy. It really doesn’t take more than a minute to fold or hang an item of clothing when you’re not using it, and even less time to place a dirty item in the wash basket. Break the habit of throwing clothes over furniture and your are well on your way to beating the bedroom clutter!



4. Read it and bin it


With so many great blogs, apps, news sites, e-zines, and other sources of daily information there’s less and less excuse to lets newspapers and magazines build up in your home. However, if you do prefer to read papers and magazines (I can’t blame you), you need to be ruthless about throwing them out after. Set up a recycling box for all papers, use it, and empty it regularly. Once you have read the magazine or paper, resist leaving it on the sofa or on the cabinet top, and put it in the box.


de clutter



These rules are all pretty basic and common sense, you’re not learning anything new. The idea is simply to remind ourselves of the basic rules and try to get in the habit of enforcing them. Clutter can soon take over when you get into bad habits and become lazy, and it really doesn’t take a great deal of effort to keep the clutter demons at bay.


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