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Decorating tips for Bangkok condo renters

Decorating tips for Bangkok condo renters

If you are a condo owner you then you are free to decorate when and how you like, you can throw whatever colours you want on the walls, even tear walls down, and change rooms completely, but the vast majority of westerners living in Bangkok are tenants, renting their condo or house and unable to make any major changes to the property without losing their deposit!


However, being a tenant doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and personalize your Bangkok condo without upsetting your landlord. There are plenty of temporary touches and non-permanent decorating you can do in order to make your condo really feel like home.



The walls




If you don’t like the colour or design of the walls and painting isn’t an option, consider using lots of canvases or blown up photos to draw the attention of the eye, and make the walls your own.


Try to stick with the existing style and colour scheme of your walls and don’t go overboard, some times less is more.


If there are already photos and pictures hung on the walls, you should be Ok to remove them and keep them safely stored, replacing them with your own choice of wall hangings. Just make a note of where everything was when you moved in, it’s always best to take photos so you can restore everything to its original position and condition when it’s time to move out.


The floors



As with the walls, there’s little you can do in terms of touching the actual flooring already in place, but by using consciously selected rugs and mats, strategically place, you can soon change the whole vibe of a room.


While large rugs tend to be expensive, you can find decent second hand rugs in and around Bangkok. But if this is still not an option, mats and smaller rugs can still draw your attention away form any ugly floor spaces.


The furniture



Before you start tampering with the furniture you have, it’s good to simply look at the amount of furniture in you Bangkok condo. By reducing the amount of furniture you have you can give your home a more modern feel and make rooms look more spacious – this can be done simply by putting existing furniture into stores (though make sure all of the landlords furniture you put into storage is well packed and preserved). If you want to go for a more cosy look you can add more furniture, or perhaps a more realistic option,  add more pillows and cushions to the existing sofas, seats, and beds.


If you want to further change the look of your furniture consider using throws and blankets. However, if you are not careful and are not conscious of your existing decor schemes, you will created a rather odd or tacky look


The little touches

table cloth


Accessories are often the best and cheapest way for a tenant to decorating a condo without upsetting the landlord.


As well as using cushions and blankets as suggested above, consider using table clothes and materials to tables and cupboard tops. Ornaments and framed photo frames also change the look of a room, and can compliment a theme when done correctly. They are also a good way to distract the eye from any ugly or damaged areas! These may all be well used clichés of decorating, but they still work.

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