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Expat Communities in Thailand

Expat Communities in Thailand

So you may like all things Thai but not have the money to go there (yet).

Or you are in Thailand and feel the need to find some other people who, like you, are foreigners in Thailand facing the same daily situations.

It is nice to want to belong somewhere and people often seek out groups where “their people” are. I use this term loosely to mean people in the same general situation i.e. Thai expatriates or people with an avid interest in the country.


There are a number of online communities you can join depending on what it is you wish to accomplish. First are the Thai language communities. These can be found on most social media sites and as independent blogs. These communities deal with teaching the language to new learners and those simply interested in the language. They may provide some material to work with or helpful links to learning the Thai language.

This is especially good for you if you are traveling to Thailand.


It is good to at least understand some of the terms and words and be able to use some of them yourself when the time comes for it. The other communities you might like are the expatriate communities. These are the people who now live in Thailand after emigrating from their home country for whatever reason. is a popular one.


These communities help one to get acquainted to the Thai culture and give helpful tips for the traveler, the tourist and the new resident alike. The members of the community can share experiences and encourage one another which might just make you a little less homesick and feel a little more comforted in the fact that you are not alone.

Otherwise, if you are simply fascinated by Thailand and want to learn some things from an insider’s point of view, these are the communities for you.


Hobbies are another thing that brings people together. Whether you exercise, cook, make things or are an avid reader, you are sure to find something to suit you. Hobbies can bring both the Thai and expatriates together. Find something you like and find other people to do it with in these online communities.

They can give you tips on how to improve your hobby skill or where you could possibly find more things to do or classes on them.


Entertainment has worked in the past to join different cultures together. If you are a fan of Thai movies or dramas, you will probably already have joined an online community for the same. There are many to choose from since the entertainment industry is rather wide. Perhaps you are a fan of culture and historical entertainment. You can find these communities online as well.

Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, you can probably find it online and find people who, like you, love to get involved in.


Another community you may want to join involves your specific task in Thailand. If you are going to visit or to live there, you may want to find other people who have done so before, are doing so now or are about to do so.

This way you can connect to people who could possibly help you on your travels.


Online communities are a wonderful resource of information and advice that you would probably not get anywhere else.

To compliment your trip to Thailand, join a few of these and get a feel of what Thailand is like.

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