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Expats Should Look For Bangkok Apartments to Rent Before Price Rises

Expats Should Look For Bangkok Apartments to Rent Before Price Rises

If you are looking to live in Thailand’s capital, now is a great time to look for a Bangkok apartment to rent. At HomeConnect Thailand, we have set up hundreds of delighted customers with condos and apartments to rent in Bangkok at affordable prices and the market remained steady. In fact, there have been no significant price increases in the last 20 years but according to an important property consultant that specialises in Bangkok apartments for rent, the cost is set to rise steeply.

Why Now?

The number of expats in Thailand is growing exponentially due to a combination of the strengthening Thai economy, fabulous weather and low cost of living. As a result, demand is starting to exceed supply with the number of two and three-bedroom high-end condos and apartments in Bangkok and other major cities dwindling. While condo stock in Thailand’s most popular areas has grown by 80%, most of these buildings are of the one-bedroom variety. The result is that there is a lack of two and three bedroom accommodation available which inevitably drives up rents.

In the most desirable areas of apartment developments, the occupancy rate is over 90% while condo occupancy rates are over 70%. Estimates say that there are 65,000 expats with work permits in Thailand as at June 2013 against 22,000 condo units under development in popular expat areas.

The good news is that these rents have not yet risen and it is possible to get high quality Bangkok apartments for rent from HomeConnect Thailand. We can set you up with the luxury accommodation you desire but we urge you to hurry because once the rents go up, they will probably stay up. Although the price of apartment and condo rent in Bangkok will still be relatively cheap with the increases included, why miss out when you can get in and sign a long-term lease before the price rise?

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