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Find the Perfect House to Raise a Family in Bangkok

Find the Perfect House to Raise a Family in Bangkok

Although there is still a housing boom taking place in the city, renting a house in Bangkok can still be a hit or miss affair. This is partially because the boom mainly consists of high-rise apartments being built instead of single-family, detached homes.

This situation makes the search for a home difficult for families looking to find an adequate house to rent that suits the needs of a growing family. The lifestyle of these families may not be suited for high-rise living.

They may want a fenced yard where children can be free to run around and play in the sunshine with grass under their feet. They may also want a room in the house that can be used as a playroom when it’s raining outdoors. Condos these days rarely have extra rooms that can be used in this manner.

Sadly, a lot of these condominiums being built today provide swimming pools only that require a parent’s supervision. Their exercise rooms and fitness facilities are oriented more towards the adult user. This causes families to decide against condo living.

Pets are Also Part of the Family

Pets are also a problem when it comes to apartment living. In all but a handful of condos, pets simply are not allowed. This is a problem that strictly rules out apartment living for almost all pet-owners.

Most animal-lovers would never consider giving up a beloved member of their family to move into a condo. On the other hand, many pets would be miserable cooped up in an apartment all day anyway. They also need room to run around and play.

The Need for a Decent Commute

The parents of many families are also working during the day. They need to find a home that provides them with as short of a commute as possible. They need to spend as much time as they can devoting themselves to the needs of their children.

As many of the workplaces are in the central area of the city, renting a stand-alone house can be both challenging and expensive in the middle of the city. This causes many families to look in the suburbs of Bangkok for a suitable house to raise their families.

There are hundreds of square kilometres of suburbs around Bangkok. Finding the right house that provides a decent length commute is like finding a needle in a haystack. Many parents don’t know where to start.

Home Connect Can Be the Answer to Your Search

With Home Connect, you can narrow down your search to focus only on areas and houses that fit your criteria instead of endlessly looking through listings trying to find the perfect house.

Whether you’re looking for a home in a modern, gated community or a traditional neighbourhood, Home Connect can point you towards homes in areas that both suit your requirements for space as well as short commute time.

Home connect can also help you find a suitable home for your pets, a house with a yard that both the kids and the dog can enjoy for years as your family grows and expands.

Let Home Connect reduce your search down to a manageable level by searching online on our website. We have quality homes in all areas of greater Bangkok, both in the city as well as the suburbs. When you use Home Connect, you’ll soon be home before you know it.

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