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Finding your first Bangkok Apartment Part 2: Start searching

Finding your first Bangkok Apartment Part 2: Start searching


If you’ve started planning your search for your first Bangkok apartment, found temporary accommodation in the city, worked out your budget, and have a good idea of what you are looking for and where you are looking for it, then you’ve certainly done a lot of the hard work already. The next step is to start looking at the Bangkok property market, which can be done by using a good Bangkok property website.


Starting your search


Using your prep work and notes you can instantly start filling in search functions and ticking boxes to filter through the hundreds and thousands of apartments available in Bangkok, instantly narrowing down your search results to realistic properties. However, to really filter things down to your perfect matches you need to start thinking about facilities, amenities, and space.


What facilities do you need in your Bangkok apartment?


Firstly, you need to separate the things you ‘need’ from the things you ‘want’, there’s a big difference, and before you start thinking about luxuries and extras you need to get the basics covered.


There are certain things you won’t want to live without, such as air-conditioning, but could you rent an apartment without a washing machine? A fully fitted kitchen? Or a balcony? How about a room with a view? Or do you want to be on one of the lower floors? These are all things you need to consider and evaluate how important they are to you in order to better define the Bangkok apartment you are looking for.


Does size matter?


Size certainly matters to landlords and building managers, and the amount of rent you pay will be partly down to the size of apartment you want.


No one wants to live in a cramped space but how much room do you really need? Do you spend most of your time in the living room watching TV? Or more time in the bedroom reading or studying? Or do you like to spend hours in the bathroom pampering yourself? Or maybe you’re a keen cook and having a large kitchen space is important.


You may well find you can live in a far smaller space then you first desire, and if you are living like a true Bangkokian then you will be spending a great deal of your time out and about in the city, exploring and socializing, with the vast majority of your time in your apartment spent sleeping.




Building facilities


A pool may sound like a necessity, as might a gym, or community garden, but the truth is most people who think they need these things don’t actually use them often enough to justify that need.


Making it a must for you to have a pool and gym will only limit your options, and although most apartment building in Bangkok seem to have one or both, there are plenty of great apartments out there that don’t. Will you really be having that early morning dip every morning? Or that after work fitness session? If you are a serious swimmer or fitness fanatic you may well find most apartment gyms and pools won’t be big enough and you’ll be better off joining a nearby gym or sports club to get your fix.






Having an apartment that is safe and secure should be top priority. You should expect nothing less than around the clock security, a good key card or electronic locking system, and a manned reception or security desk at the main entrance. But what about parking? Will you be using a vehicle or having guests over who do? If so you will want covered and secure parking as a priority.

Once you’ve started to filter your Bangkok apartment search down to a select number of places, it’s time to start contacting the property agent to arrange viewings!


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