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Flour Shoppe – Renowned Delicious Baked Goods

Flour Shoppe – Renowned Delicious Baked Goods

Following the success of the original four-year old branch in Central Ladprao, Flour Shoppe is a recent addition to the food court area at the department store’s Chidlom flagship. As the name suggests, they specialise in and are renowned for their delicious baked goods, which are now available in a more central location that readily caters to the downtown-based workers, families, and shoppers looking for a convenient yet stylish cafe experience with an enticing menu and reasonable prices in a relaxed setting.

In addition to their extensive dessert menu, they have now added savoury items to their repertoire with easy-to-eat dishes, salads, and snacks inspired by classic American fare whilst retaining a focus on quality ingredients and freshness, and in turn flavour, by making almost everything in-house from the strawberry compote created from scratch to the gourmet sausages and chorizo mixed with their own blend of spices.

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Making simple foods, with well sourced ingredients combined with a house made touch for flavourful results, is Thai-Irish head chef Brian Hill’s ethos – a passion that is clearly evident from a well-crafted menu that caters to all moods and tastes for any time of day. The eye-catching savoury menu in a trendy newsletter format encompasses all-day breakfast favourites such as Eggs Benedict, Cinnamon French Toast Sticks, and smoked salmon with cream cheese on a house made English muffin, with light lunch/dinner plates.

Breakfast sandwiches – with a choice of English muffin or American-style buttermilk biscuit halves – are offered with a combination of fillings (egg, cheese, bacon, ham, and/or sausage) and can be made as a set with tater tots and a cup of coffee, tea, or orange juice for a tasty start to the day. Another best seller is the Warm Breakfast Salad of young kale, bacon, corn, and shallots topped with a poached egg and a warm bacon vinaigrette for an imaginative take on the humble salad.

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Other offerings include spaghetti dishes with the Spicy Anchovy and Breadcrumbs version being another popular choice, perhaps with the flavours being most familiar to local tastes from all of the items. There are also cheese melts, toasted sandwiches, and the more unique signature English Muffin Burger with a grilled pork or Australian beef patty. The Fried Chicken Biscuit brings a distinct taste of the southern US to Bangkok in the form of a crispy buttermilk-dipped juicy chicken fillet paired with honey butter for a touch of sweetness that is sandwiched between a perfectly dense buttermilk biscuit to help soak up some of the grease.

A visit without a serving of one of their sweet treats would be amiss. From a range of globally inspired recipes ‘with-a-twist’ including the Osaka Cheesecake served with strawberry cream sauce, to a Pina Colada Panna Cotta with pineapple granita, they even offer their own Toyko Toast version of the buttered loaf, syrup, and ice cream concoction made famous by the dessert chain ‘After You’ but without the massive queues. Quintessential names such as Strawberry Shortcake, Banoffee Pie, and Tiramisu are deconstructed, layered, and served in screw-top jars whereas the Mousses are amped up with other flavour and texture pairings such as green tea with white chocolate glaze and roasted black sesame seeds, or strawberry with lime infused cream cheese and caramelised pastry crumble. Granola, parfaits, tarts, cakes, milkshakes, blended drinks, teas and coffees are also on hand to round up a casual meal or as the main feature to a delectable mid-day break.

The venue occupies a quiet corner behind the often-busy supermarket area, which provides a cozy and understated retreat from the office or surrounding retail floors despite its location in a shopping centre. A chic interior with a monochromatic colour scheme of whites and greys with black accents such as a decorative feature wall with artistic food drawings is punctuated by bright blue chairs clustered around the central tables while either side of the dining space is lined with elegant cushioned bench seating and pillows.

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The combination of wooden furnishings with glass and mirror panels, exposed lightbulb fixtures, patterned floor tiles, and vases of flowers creates a stylish yet homely ambiance to relax in and enjoy some quality bites. Additional seats can be found on the shaded outdoor patio space decked out with hanging plants. Flour Shoppe is an ideal spot – almost a hidden gem from all the characterless chain restaurants that dominate the main shopping district – to drop by for a quick casual meal, snack or coffee, or to spend some time lounging over a pot of tea and cakes.

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