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Give your Bangkok apartment a spring make-over

Give your Bangkok apartment a spring make-over


Do you feel envious when looking at the homes of your friends? Look through the home magazines wondering what could have been? Maybe you even search property websites fantasizing about moving to a new home? Well what’s stopping you from giving your Bangkok apartment a Spring time make-over?


OK, I’m sure your first excuse is time, shortly followed by the issue of money, but neither need to stand in your way of refreshing the look and vibe of your Bangkok home. There are plenty of simple cost effective tweaks you can make to you apartment in order to give it a fresh new look in time for the Summer. All it takes is a little know-how, motivation, and effort.


Keep it simple


First things first, one of the most important parts of a spring make-over is getting your act together. Look around your rooms and make a note of all the clutter just doing nothing but killing the vibe of your apartment. Spring is all about rebirth and now is the time to get rid of all the unnecessary  clutter that has built up over the winter.


Take things room by room, removing all the unnecessary objects and junk just laying around. Put things in cupboards and storage, or even throw them away! Clearing your home is often a clearing of the mind. The key is to simplify your Bangkok apartment, go for that minimalistic look if you can, it’s a great way of creating a clear canvas for you to work on and add more creative and personal touches to.


Get clean!


spring cleaning


Once you have cleared out all the clutter it’s time to really get your hands dirty. Now unless you are a serious clean freak or have a wonderful maid who gets in every nook and cranny, it’s likely there are a few spots that have lacked attention throughout the year. Now is the time to clean your home head to bottom, getting all the dirt out of those forgotten spots!


It doesn’t need to be a long and stressful task,  start by making a to-do list for each room, and then work through the apartment room by room, making sure not to cut any corners. If you are really short on time just do one room a day until everything has been ticked off.


Rearrange the furniture


Young Couple Moving Into New Home


So you’ve already got rid of all the clutter and mess and your apartment should now be starting to look a lot fresher. The final step before you start making additions to your home is to play with what you’ve got.


Rearranging furniture is not always about optimizing the space or making room for new objects, sometimes it’s simply about giving your apartment a new look. Simple things like moving your bed and couch doesn’t just change the look of the room, it changes your whole perspective and make you feel like you are sitting in a whole new apartment.


Last but not least .. Use your imagination and creativity


When it comes to making additions to your apartment some people are born artists, oozing with creative insight, filled with ideas and the vision to buy a simple accessory and transform a whole room. Then there is the rest of us who even get writers block just trying to write a birthday card, and tremble with fear when it comes to make changes to our home. Don’t let that stop you adding a few simple additions to your apartment.


First you need to find some inspiration. Start looking at new home magazines and find themes and ideas that you love. What we are look at here is the simple touches, the placement of furniture, the addition of simple fabrics and affordable accessories. Don’t worry about how different the homes and rooms are compared to your own Bangkok apartment, we are just trying to find that look which makes you feel a tingle of excitement.


The key to making this work is to pick a theme for each room and stick to it. By a theme we mean a style and set of colours which everything must fit in order to make it into your new look apartment. Be strong, if something simply doesn’t fit then it’s got to go! (you don’t have to throw it out, just move it to another room or put it in storage).


Now it’s time to go out and find those simple accessories, touches of fabric, and fittings that match your new theme. As long as you are sure about your theme and firmly stick to it you can have the freedom to really use your imagination and even take a few risks.


Don’t be afraid to start with the second hand stores and vintage markets, Bangkok has a few great ones, especially the Rod Fai evening market which is a paradise for affordable one off items and hidden gems.



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