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Having a Baby in Bangkok

Having a Baby in Bangkok

Many couples find themselves, or more accurately find their female partner, pregnant in Bangkok and there is a tendency to panic a little as Thailand is still a developing nation. It’s only natural and imbued with the deepest maternal instincts for an expat resident woman to want the very best for her baby and for the pregnancy and birth to go as smooth as humanly possible.

The Old Days

It was not so long ago when a lot of women elected to have their baby born in their country of domicile, or failing that, in Hong Kong or Singapore where medical standards and English Language skills were among the best in Asia.

Those days are long gone now and Thailand is even a hospital holiday destination with people flying all over the world for regular surgery procedures and a holiday recuperating after.

Pregnancy in Bangkok

Everybody knows that Bangkok isn’t the most mother and female friendly city in the world, although the reality is that it isn’t pedestrian friendly. The heat and the awful town planning aren’t conducive to spending time with your baby in an urban environment or even just pushing a pram around.

Residents will usually have access to a car and visitors to Bangkok often stay at any number of resident suites situated near the major hospitals.

Which Hospital?

The choice of hospitals has opened up recently as the marketing departments have geared their service offering to the international and expat market. A couple of decades ago the best places to have a baby were Bumrungrad or Samitivej Hospital.

Both of these have well established credentials for meeting the highest of international standards. These days the Bangkok Hospital Group headquartered on Soonvijai Road, but located elsewhere throughout the country, have an excellent reputation and there are many more such as Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok Christian Hospital, BNH Hospital (Bangkok Nursing Home), Phyathai Hospital and many more.

However for the best of the best, the service and location of Bungrungrad and Samitivej are still the supreme hospitals in the city with Samitivej edging out Bumrungrad in our estimation for providing a relaxing and super calm environment for mother and new born baby.

Birthing Packages

Most hospitals these days at the upper international end of the service offering have tailored a number of birthing or birth packages. These allow the prospective parents to tailor their baby’s entry into the world so that a number of issues can be formalized beforehand.

You may want to have residence in the hospital for the birth, or to have the baby induced on a particular date. Where are your relatives going to stay? Have you thought about the level of care and attention you feel most comfortable with?

Some women are very independent whereas first time mothers might want the additional reassurance of having options on their menus, the rooms they wish to stay in and how many nurses will be on hand to attend to their needs before, during and after the birth.

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