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Health Insurance in Thailand: What are your Options

Health Insurance in Thailand: What are your Options

If you live in Thailand, especially on a permanent basis, you will need to have good health insurance. Overlooking this important aspect of your life could land you into a lot of trouble. Many people have been stuck in hospitals for their inability to pay their bills because they made the terrible mistake of failing to get health insurance.

However, even as you get health insurance while living in Thailand, there are some things you have to keep in mind. So, below are your health insurance options when living in Thailand.


Thailand Health Insurance

This is the cheapest form of health insurance you can get. You would generally be eligible for the same health benefits as Thai nationals. Fortunately, the premiums for this health plan are quite low. On the other hand, the benefits may not be that great. The coverage may also not be that comprehensive, which means that many high cost medical procedures will probably require out-of-pocket payments.

You might also not have the option to visit the best medical facilities in Thailand as you might want under this form of insurance. Since these problems are essentially what you are trying to avoid by having health insurance, it is probably not a good idea as an expat to get this kind of health insurance.

You want an insurance policy that is there for you during expensive medical issues, not the opposite.


Expats Health Insurance

Health insurance specifically designed for expats is the best option if you want decent coverage of your medical costs. This is a more secure form of insurance, as it allows you to get medical treatment outside Thailand in some of the best medical facilities in the world at the insurer’s expense. With this form of insurance, you will definitely feel much more secure.

Unlike the basic Thai medical insurance, the insurance company in this case will not find a way to avoid covering you when you choose to go to high-end medical facilities or when your medical bills get too big. The premiums may be high under this form of insurance, but they are worth it.

You will not run the risk of cleaning out your entire savings once you get a costly medical treatment.


International Health Insurance

Some expats want their medical problems taken care of outside the country if it turns out that the medical care inside Thailand does not satisfy their needs. This is where the international health insurance option comes in.

The choice of medical facilities you can visit outside the country is also quite expansive under this form of insurance, which assures you that you can get all the care you need in your time of need anywhere in the world without having to worry about the bills.



Medical bills in Thailand can be quite crippling, and have actually been the undoing of many expats living in the country. This is why you must absolutely have health insurance in place to protect you from high medical costs.

Generally, you can take out health insurance available to Thais, choose health insurance meant for expatriates, or even have international health insurance if you want the option of going overseas for your treatments.

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