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How to Design Your Home With an Open Floor Plan

How to Design Your Home With an Open Floor Plan

Homes with open floor plans have fewer walls than closed floor plan homes. Having an open floor plan home gives you more leeway when it comes to the use of creative interior décor. Open floor plans are now the in thing in home design.

However, the seemingly extra space in open floor plan homes requires added creativity that not only makes the home functional, but also makes it more aesthetically pleasing to anyone who walks through the door.

Here are some pointers on how to design your home with an open floor plan.


  1. Forget About Formality

Traditionally, making clear demarcations between various sections of the house – living room, dining room, kitchen – seemed like the right thing to do. But that was when formality was considered fashionable. People are more informal now, which is part of the reason why they are willing to knock down a wall or so to create an open floor plan.

So, your floor plan should clearly reflect this informality and seamlessness between various parts of the house through the way furniture and lighting are used.


  1. Increase Natural Lighting

There is no need for your house to look like a casino if you have an open floor plan. You should have plenty of windows so that there is more natural lighting getting into the house. Currently, there are numerous fascinating window designs that allow plenty of natural light to get into the house. The same applies to doors.

With the improved natural lighting and more space, you will feel more comfortable in your home and have more fun living in it.


  1. Take Down A Wall

If you feel that your home has too many unnecessary walls, you should have them taken down. It is important that you involve a professional so that they know how to handle pipes and electricity wires running through the wall. Obviously, you will also need to fill the patches left by the destroyed wall so as to create continuity and ensure that utility lines are not left exposed.


  1. Create Harmony in Color and Furniture Design

With an open floor plan, you can no longer afford to design each section of the house individually, you have to take into consideration the entire open space.

Consequently, your kitchen, living room, and dining area should also exhibit a harmonious flow when it comes to furniture and its color.


  1. Consider Natural Flow Of Traffic

Areas of an open floor plan home that are used most often should be th easiest to access. People should not have to pass through a labyrinth of furniture to get to commonly used areas such as the living room.

The same goes for the kitchen, which should be easily accessible while also being close enough to the dining area and the living room, considering that people nowadays usually eat their meals whenever they like.



Having a home with an open floor plan has numerous benefits.

Firstly, it encourages more socialization by eliminating the formality of a closed floor plan. If your home does not have an open floor plan already, you should begin by knocking down some walls.

Once you have achieved an open floor plan, you should pay attention to natural light, natural flow of traffic, as well as the harmony of color and the design of pieces of furniture you put in your home.

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