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How to Explain Bangkok to Your Mom

How to Explain Bangkok to Your Mom

If you have gone to Thailand for a holiday or live in Thailand, your family will no doubt be wondering how you are doing. Your mother in particular will want to know some things about Thailand if only so she can rest assured you are safe and happy. Here are a few things you may want to include as you tell your mother about your adventures in Bangkok:



There is plenty to see and do in Thailand and your mother will probably want to know what you are up to. Thailand is colorful and friendly and you can find a lot to do in this vibrant city. If you fancy a trip to one of the temples or the zoos with their variety of wildlife or maybe want to visit the less conventional areas of the city, you can include all this in the news you give to your mother.



Knowing what the place you are staying in is like will go a long way to reassuring your mom about your trip. The hotels are very reasonably priced and you have your variety to choose from whether you are looking for a family-friendly one or those for single travelers. You can also explain what the neighborhoods are like if you are renting a house or apartment for yourself.



One more thing your mom would definitely want to know about Bangkok is what the people you are with are like. They want to know if you are being bullied or you are making a lot of friends. They want to know if the people are friendly and if you are getting along well with everyone. The Thai people are friendly and willing to show you around.



Seeing that you live in a different culture now, your parents will want to know if you are getting along well even with the cultural difference. Of course you may experience some home sickness, but it would be nice for her to know that you do miss her and think about her. The culture is mostly reserved and there are cultural taboos that you have to follow but for the most part, you can follow them easily.



One of the scariest things for a parent with a child abroad is to know that they are ill and they cannot reach them. They want to be assured that the healthcare system is good enough to cater to their needs should they arise. Healthcare in Bangkok is very affordable but you should make sure you have your travel insurance handy just in case of emergencies.



This is the most important thing to a parent. If your child is halfway across the world you would want to know the safety situation where they are. Thailand is overall a safe country to travel to but that is no excuse to ignore the general rules of personal safety. You should know your way around and know who to trust and who you probably shouldn’t. Otherwise, you shouldn’t worry too much about safety.

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