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How to Know if Your New home is in a Good Location

How to Know if Your New home is in a Good Location

When it comes to real estate, location is king. Understandably, before you move in to your new home you will want assurances that the home is in a good location. There are a various factors you can take into consideration when choosing among different home locations.

Read on to find out.


Doing Some Research

This may sound pretty obvious, but it is definitely one of the best ways to know whether you are buying or renting your new home in a good location. A simple Google search on the top real estate locations in the area where your new home is located will tell you whether it is a good location.

Ideally, you should have a checklist that covers issues such as crime statistics, and so forth. While doing your research, you can also consult with real estate agents to get suggestions on what the best locations might be subject to your individual preferences.


The Location Has What you are looking for

Sometimes, what constitutes a good location can be a highly subjective matter. What may generally be considered a good home location by most people, may turn out to be a nightmare for you. For instance, if you do not have to commute to the city, a home close to the city may not be especially appropriate for you, particularly if you are keen to enjoy peace and quiet in your new home.

Keep in mind that many locations are deemed great simply because they offer a single key benefit, for instance, fast access to the city, high property value, and so forth. Unless you are a property investor, if you choose your new home location solely because the location is rated highly among property investors will not be of much benefit for you. You would be better off having a much better home in a different location for a similar cost.


The Nature of the Neighborhood

To some extent, a neighborhood’s appeal varies from individual to individual. Nevertheless, a good location should generally have some major features. For one, the neighborhood should have easy access to major amenities such as shopping centers, sport clubs, recreation parks, restaurants, schools, and so forth.

You should also consider how the neighborhood looks like. While at it, also make a point of knowing what kind of people are predominant in that location. Do you have common interests? Do they have a vastly different culture?

Obviously, if you were an expat, you would feel more comfortable in areas where there are other expats, preferably from your home country. Living in a location that is dominated by a certain ethnic group might make you feel culturally and socially isolated once you start living there, especially if there is a great rift between your culture and their own.



Although good home locations are quite popular even to people without deep interest in the real estate market, a little initiative might be necessary to land you the perfect home location. Firstly, personal choices differ considerably, which is why it is always a good idea to have a checklist of things you desire in your new home location.

Other than that, you can take into consideration generic factors that typify a good home location, for instance, the nature of the neighborhood and the average crime levels.

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