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Living near public transportation in Bangkok

Enjoy All the Convenience of Living Near the BTS System Browse through the listings on Home Connect and find a condo to rent or buy near the BTS transit system. The BTS has been a valuable addition to Bangkok’s various transportation systems ever since it was launched in 1999. But few people realised back then […]

Find the Perfect House to Raise a Family in Bangkok

Although there is still a housing boom taking place in the city, renting a house in Bangkok can still be a hit or miss affair. This is partially because the boom mainly consists of high-rise apartments being built instead of single-family, detached homes. This situation makes the search for a home difficult for families looking […]

The Boom in Condos is Good News for Bangkok Renters

The Boom in Condos is Good News for Bangkok Renters Long-time residents of Bangkok may have noticed the dozens of high-rise condos that have sprung up all over town in the past ten years. A favourable investment market which has spurred joint ventures and the increasing value of the Thai Baht have both contributed to […]

How You Display Your Property Makes a Difference

How You Display Your Property Can Make a Difference Some property agents have a knack for making sales or rentals almost whenever they place an ad for a property. The common thread between these ads are useful information and photos that show the property at its best but are also honest photos. There are some […]

Museum of Siam – A Great Day Out

With the majestic gold and glittering glass temples and structures of Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, and other Old Town main points of interest nearby, the Museum of Siam is not an obvious tourist destination but as far as museums go can be considered as a bit of gem. Located on the 2.8 acre ground […]

Flour Shoppe – Renowned Delicious Baked Goods

Following the success of the original four-year old branch in Central Ladprao, Flour Shoppe is a recent addition to the food court area at the department store’s Chidlom flagship. As the name suggests, they specialise in and are renowned for their delicious baked goods, which are now available in a more central location that readily […]

Artbox – The Trendy Outdoor Market in Bangkok

Outdoor markets are an integral part of Thai life and practically every neighbourhood has some form of local institution to purchase food and goods from as well as being an informal social hub for vendors and customers alike that is buzzing with activity, sights, and sounds on a regular basis. Away from the most well […]

This Weeks Top Dining Experience – Phaya Thai

Casa Azul 2/23 Phanon Yothin 7 (Soi Ari) Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai Bangkok 10400 Opening hours: Daily 5pm-12am Mexican cuisine has been one of the more popular food trends to emerge on the Bangkok dining scene in recent years, from long-established favourites to newer eateries springing up around town. With some core ingredients and […]

A Place to Take the Kids – Moody Ice Cream Cafe

Multipurpose shop-cafe hybrids seem to be an emerging trend amongst the latest retail spaces springing up around town, with artisan coffee and bakery goods served alongside clothing and accessories being a popular choice for owners. This could be considered a clever move by combining Bangkokians’ love for shopping and eating, especially in the next trendy […]

This Weeks Top Dining Experience – MAMA DOLORES

MAMA DOLORES – SOI YEN AKART Soi Yen Akart has long been busy well used street by both local traffic and others, what with it’s positioning as a thoroughfare for traffic moving from Rama IV across towards the Rama III side of town, as well as the abundance of local traffic that utilizes the Soi […]

This Weeks Bangkok Top Dining Experience – Asoke

I’m sitting on the outside decking at Kuppadeli, a hi-so luxurious cafe located just over half way up Asoke Road at Asoke Towers, trying desperately to find a less obstructed view of the now steady flow of salary men and women and university students making their way to Petchburi MRT station for their daily commute […]

This Week’s Top Dining Experience – Thonglor

In the past, Soi 11 used to be the home of the city’s cool nightlife – boasting legendary venues such as Bed Supper Club and the infamous Q-Bar. However, over the years those names have faded away into the realm of people’s memories. These days the Soi is no more than a Khao San Road […]

The Condominium Conundrum

Given the restrictions on foreign ownership of land in Thailand, the most popular way for foreigners who want to own a property in the Kingdom has been to purchase a condominium. Even this method of obtaining a property in Thailand has been subject to a series of restrictions, albeit relatively simple and straightforward as successive […]

Rental Yields See Significant Rise in Bangkok

“The economy may not grow, but it won’t die either.”[1] These were the words of Bangkok Bank executive vice-president Korbsak Phutrakul quoted in the Property Focus supplement published by the Bangkok Post in May 2014. At the time the capital was still in the grip of a major political crisis which was ‘eroding the country’s […]

Thailand Property 2014 – A Year in Review

“2014 was a very interesting year in real estate. The long term rental market was very strong in well located and sensibly priced properties. With regards to property sales, the trend has seen clients moving away from buying off plan condominium units to existing condos, houses and even land. It is also very evident that […]

The Tradition of Donating Food to Monks in Thailand

Thailand has very many traditions, many of which are based on Buddhism, the religion most Thais belong to. One of these traditions is the donation of food to monks. If you know a thing or two about Thai culture, you already know that Buddhist monks are involved in most major ceremonies. During these ceremonies, the […]

Thai Public Holidays (What and When)

When creating a schedule, it is important to know what public holidays might affect your plans and even alter then completely. When in Thailand, you should therefore know when public holidays will come up so that you are not caught by surprise. Knowing about them can also plan how you will celebrate them with your […]

Understanding the Thai Postal System

Thailand post was privatized in 2003, after being founded in 1883. The Thailand post, in addition to being the primary postal system in Thai, also handles financial services in addition to other telecommunications services. Thailand Post has over 3,000 post offices across the country, although rural areas are not as well served by the postal […]

What are Your Options When Choosing Phone Providers in Thailand

Thailand has three major mobile phone network providers and two other minor cell phone operators. You can use any of these three networks to get cell phone coverage, all you need is to purchase a local SIM card and purchase some airtime. On the other hand, if your stay in Thailand is more permanent, you […]

Why It Is Safer To Use An Agency When Renting Property

Real estate transactions are more complex than most people assume. This is why something as simple as renting property can sometimes end in complex unforeseen problems. While it is possible to rent a property successfully without fully understanding the possible risks such transactions carry, it is still a good idea to have an expert show […]

Blessing A New House In Thailand

For the Thais, blessing a new house is a very important ceremony. The house blessing ceremony has several aspects of Buddhist religion. The two-part ceremony can take a day or more, and is usually carried out by monks. If you have moved into Thailand, and are moving into a new house, you may find yourself […]

Best Mobile Apps For Learning Thai Language Basics

If you plant on staying in Thailand for some time, learning a little Thai will considerably make your life easier. For one, you will be better placed to negotiate when hiring a taxi or buying things such as food on the streets. A rudimentary understanding of Thai language will also make your integration into the […]

5 Main Costs When Buying Your First Home

You would think that once you have found a house you like and agreed on the price, all you will need is the money to cover the deposit on the house and you are all done. That’s not true. There are a number of other associated costs that come with buying a house that can […]

What do you Need to Become an English Teacher in Thailand

Many travelers in Thailand find it hard to say goodbye at the end of their tour. A good number of them tend to extend their stay there for several months and even years. You can make a living during your stay by teaching English while enjoying the inviting culture, friendly locals and varied landscape of […]

Health Insurance in Thailand: What are your Options

If you live in Thailand, especially on a permanent basis, you will need to have good health insurance. Overlooking this important aspect of your life could land you into a lot of trouble. Many people have been stuck in hospitals for their inability to pay their bills because they made the terrible mistake of failing […]

Renting Property In Bangkok: Getting Started

When you move into Thailand, finding a place to live will be one of your greatest priorities. In fact, you will be concerned about where you will stay immediately you consider moving into this tropical paradise. However, you need to brace yourself for the Bangkok property market. Like the unique Bangkok culture, the property market […]

Tips for Buying a Vacation Rental in Thailand

While enjoying beautiful environment, warm sun at the beach or cultural enrichment in Thailand, it is easy to envisage how pleasant it would be to buy a vacation home that would allow you do so whenever you need or make an income from it. Although it’s a great idea, don’t let the imagination lead you […]

What are the best districts in Bangkok to Rent Property?

Once you move into Bangkok, whether temporarily or more permanently, you will need to find a good place to rent a good property. Usually, most people are inclined to go to areas where there are high concentrations of expats, if you are a foreigner. Others try to find rental properties in places that offer easy […]

5 Home Improvements that Won’t Break the Bank

Most people think that their homes could look better. Unfortunately, the assumption that home improvements might cost too much often makes them push these thoughts aside. However, improving the look of your home does not have to cost you much, or anything at all for that matter.   Below are 5 home improvements that won’t […]

Driving Standards and Road Safety in Thailand

Road safety in Thailand is a big problem. Well over ten thousand lives are lost on Thai roads from motorbike accidents alone, and expats are not spared. The problem is such a big issue that some foreign governments have tried to step in to help their citizens avoid the carnage that takes place in Thailand’s […]

Moving to Bangkok: What to Expect

When people move into Bangkok, there are usually a lot of expectations based on the city’s reputation around the world. However, there are also a lot of questions you might ask yourself about life in the city, especially for an expat. So, what should you expect when you move to Bangkok? Below are a few […]

Why is Bangkok Often Called the Venice of the East?

Bangkok happens to be one in a few lucky places that also bears the colorful name: Venice of the East. The legendary city of Venice is known for its great meandering canals, history, and rich culture, all of which draw droves of tourists from around the world throughout the year. So, why is Bangkok often […]

Songkran Festival – Thailand New Year

Songkran festival, which is Thailand’s New Year’s Day, is 3-day holiday celebrated from 13th April to 15th April. When the holiday falls on a weekend, it may be extended for a few more days. Songkran is a Sanskrit word that means the change from one Zodiac sign to another. But there are many Zodiac signs […]

Opening A Bank Account In Thailand

Opening a bank account in Thailand is a fairly painless process. More importantly, having a Thai bank account comes with a number of benefits. If you intend to stay in Thailand for quite a while, it is a good idea to have open a bank account. Below is a guide on how to open a […]

How Russia’s Economical Woes Have Affected Property Investment In Thailand

2014 was a rough year for Thailand. After martial law dampened tourism, a crisis in Russia, one of its major source of property investors, was hit by a serious financial crisis that saw the collapse of the ruble due to a fall in energy prices and Western sanctions over its military action in Ukraine. Russia […]

What Types of Property Can be Rented in Bangkok?

Bangkok offers a lot to choose from for those looking to rent a property. The broad choice of properties means that you can rent a property that perfectly meets your needs, for instance, cost, privacy, length of stay, and furnishings. Here are properties that can be rented in Bangkok.   Condominiums (Condos) Condos are very […]

Best Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Bangkok

A trip to Thailand with your family will definitely be different from the typical Thailand trip that you may have on your own or with friends. This is because the interests of the other family members, especially the children come first. There are very many places you can visit with your family for an awesome […]

Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Property In Thailand

Bangkok may be the center-stage of the thriving Thailand real estate market, but it still needs to be approached with caution by property buyers. There are many pitfalls potential property investors can find themselves in when trying to make their way through this complicated real estate market. Here are the top questions you should ask […]

Why You Need a Good Lawyer When Buying Property

Granted, there are situations where a lawyer is not required when transacting in real estate property. The problem is, it may not always be apparent that a lawyer is needed or not, which begs the question: under what circumstances should you involve a lawyer when buying property? Here are some reasons why you need a […]

Temple Etiquette in Thailand – Do’s and Dont’s

Thailand is 95% Buddhist. Consequently, the country if full of temples, which are central to Buddhism. Understandably, a significant part of Thailand’s culture pertains to temples. This is why famous temples within Thailand are frequented by tourists all year round, for instance, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. If you happen to visit the temples […]

5 Things to Remember When Renting For The First Time

Renting for the first time can be fraught with numerous mistakes that could make your life a nightmare. There are some things anyone renting an apartment for the first time should take into consideration to ensure they get what they were looking for to begin with. Below are 5 things to remember when renting for […]

5 Tips in Investing in Real Estate

Real estate investing is not for the faint-hearted. This form of investment is also not appropriate for people who overestimate their capabilities. Consequently, anybody who wishes to be in real estate investment for the long haul needs to keep in mind the following 5 factors.   Invest In Real Estate Investment Education Most people want […]

Where are the Best Parks in Bangkok?

Bangkok has quite a number of parks. The interesting activities that these parks have to offer to their visitors are quite extensive, for instance, nature watching, recreational activities, cultural events, and so forth. Below are the best parks in Bangkok and where they are located.   Lumpini Park In terms of location within the vastness […]

How to Design Your Home With an Open Floor Plan

Homes with open floor plans have fewer walls than closed floor plan homes. Having an open floor plan home gives you more leeway when it comes to the use of creative interior décor. Open floor plans are now the in thing in home design. However, the seemingly extra space in open floor plan homes requires […]

The Hardest Thing About Being An Expat In Thailand

Setting up your life in a foreign land comes with a unique set of challenges, and Thailand is no exception. For some people, the culture might not be too much of a challenge, especially for those who are familiar with South East Asian culture. On the other hand, for people accustomed to, say, western lifestyle, […]

Chinatown: What to See and Do

One of the most interesting places in Bangkok is Chinatown. It has attractive scenes for tourists and visitors alike. The tourists however should get a guide before starting exploring the region if they are not familiar with the area. The main arteries of Chinatown are Thanon Yaowarat and Thanon Charoen which offer a variety of […]

Natural Dangers of Thailand

Thailand is usually called the land of smiles because of its friendly people. Visitors should, however, keep several things in mind to make sure they don’t freeze the friendly smile among the locals. The following are some things that you should keep in mind to have a safe and friendly stay. Thailand do’s and dont’s […]

Best Ways to Get Regular Exercise in Thailand Without Joining a Gym

With food and nonstop leisure as some of Thailand’s major attractions, many expats find themselves badly in need of regular exercises in order to stay in shape. For some, the gym offers a welcome chance for them to attain their fitness goals. However, for some people, attending the gym can seem quite tedious. Sometimes the […]

Advantages of Buying a Presale Condo in Thailand

Real estate is a lucrative business wherever you go. Everybody needs a home. Thailand is no different. The rules for foreigners may vary since they are not allowed to buy land. The best choice for a person looking to buy a property is a pre-sale condo. A condo is an excellent living space and it […]

Renting Furniture in Thailand – What You Need to Know

So you now have a brand new living space in Thailand. That’s great! You picked out the one you want to live in – only problem is there is no furniture. This is often what expatriates face when they decide to move to Thailand. The “good” homes don’t come furnished and the others do. This […]

How To Survive Being A Vegetarian In Bangkok

Meat-loving Bangkok may seem like the last place for vegetarians to venture beyond bread and fruit, but there are a few things you can do to make your life easier being a vegetarian or vegans in the city. This includes knowing where to go to eat out, what to say at a restaurant and where […]

Import into Thailand (Cars, Motorbikes etc.)

While in Thailand, you can import a car, a motorcycle, a boat or any other kind of motor vehicle. You can import a vehicle temporarily or permanently. In general, importing vehicles into Thailand is considered quite complicated, although it is still possible for anyone keen to get their car, motorbike or any other vehicle into […]

8 Questions You Should Always Ask About A Property Before Buying It

Buying a property can be quite tricky. You have to be careful about making a fair deal and make a point of knowing everything you need to know about the property. Here are 8 questions you should always ask about a property before buying it.   Why is the property on sale? This is a […]

7 Things About Thailand You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking, picturesque as well as popular tourist destinations in the entire globe. This nation is currently reported to receive around sixteen million foreign tourists each and every single year. And despite this steady influx of visitors from far flung corners of the world, Thailand has remarkably managed to […]

Real Estate Investing: A Simple Definition

Real estate investment, in the simplest terms, refers to the use of a real estate property as a source of revenue. This can be done in a few ways. Some property owners turn their properties into rentals because rental properties are a great way to generate revenue from real estate Renting a property on a […]

The Best Non-Spicy Dishes in Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine undoubtedly happens to be one of the most popular delicacies in virtually every corner of the world. And indeed is one of the cornerstones of the main attractions that pull foreign tourist to this South East Asia nation. However, for the most part Thai dishes are noted for been very spicy, which some […]

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Rent a New Property

Renting a property involves a lot of things. You may be working with limited resources, limited information, or conditions that may change over time, necessitating the need to re-evaluate the need to continue living in a particular property. Below are 5 tell-tale signs you need to rent a new property.   Your Financial Situation Has […]

How to Explain Bangkok to Your Mom

If you have gone to Thailand for a holiday or live in Thailand, your family will no doubt be wondering how you are doing. Your mother in particular will want to know some things about Thailand if only so she can rest assured you are safe and happy. Here are a few things you may […]

7 Things About Bangkok Your Family Wants to Know

If you live in Thailand, your family may be wondering what Thailand is like. Maybe they are planning a visit or you and your family are planning to visit Bangkok for the very first time. Either way, there are a few things you may want to know about it. Here is a list of things […]

5 Tips for Driving in Thailand

Unlike what most foreigners would like to think, driving in Thailand is not always as challenging as it might appear at face value. And it can be the most viable option if you wish to explore some of the off-beaten tourist trails or commute to far flung regions of this nation. However, as in any […]

Things You Should Learn About Thailand before Moving Here

Thailand’s popularity as a destination for expats continues to grow over time. However, the hype over its appeal as a tropical paradise for tourists, retirees, and foreign workers often masks some critical aspects would-be visitors should know about the country. Below are some things you should learn about Thailand before moving here.   Differences in […]

4 mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate

Investing your money in real estate is a smart bet. First, you get tax benefits and secondly, you become your own boss. Unfortunately, many people who venture into real estate don’t achieve what they were hoping to achieve. Research shows that most investors never get past their second property owing to wrong financial choices. This […]

Bangkok Reaching for the Skies – 10 New Skyscrapers in Development

Bangkok has certainly been a city in transition over the past couple of decades but not at quite the rate it will be over the next few years. The city is heading skywards as there are set to be a total of ten new towers that are more than 300 meters tall being added to […]

How to become friends with your new neighbours

A move to a new neighborhood can turn your social life upside down, especially when you are moving very far away from your former home, for instance, in a new country. Cultivating a good friendship with your neighbor is therefore a great skill for anyone who wants to find social fulfillment in their new home […]

Thailand Weather – The Seasons Explained

Something you will really need to pay attention to when you travel is weather patterns. It would be a disaster to carry only warm clothing to a hot country or be stuck with a sundress and thin shawl when it is winter. Weather counts for a lot as you go on vacation so make sure […]

Why do real estate investors often fail?

Many people have gotten into real estate investment with high expectations. However, after a short while, many of them have had to concede failure as real estate investors. Still, the question remains, why do real estate investors fail? Read on to find out and increase your chances of success in real estate investing.   Lack […]

Where to Have a Weekend Trip Away From Bangkok

As Thailand’s largest city, there is abundance of Bangkok attractions for holiday makers. Tourists from all the four corners of the world visit Bangkok every year so they can see most of its dazzling attractions. The city is well acclaimed for its splendid Buddhist architecture, bewitching culture, hospitable people, beautiful parks and museums. While the […]

5 things most people don’t know about Bangkok

Before you visit Bangkok, you might not know some key things about city. It is even possible for people to remain ignorant about some things about Bangkok even after some familiarity with the city. Below are 5 things most people don’t know about Bangkok.   Public Transportation is Quite Reliable Most people assume that because […]

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing in Asia

In general, the Asian real estate market faces the same ups and downs that the global real estate market is experiencing. However, it is fair to say that the current real estate market in Asia remains quite attractive to would-be investors. Below is a brief introduction into the real estate market in Asia for potential […]

The Best local Food Markets in Bangkok

When people think of a market, the first thing that comes to mind is probably an area filled with shops selling knock-offs at ridiculous prices, tourists and a few dodgy shop owners or individuals looking to relieve you of your wallet at any moment. Thai food markets are certainly a hub of activity though activity […]

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Thailand?

Are you traveling to Thailand? Do you worry about the quality of water for drinking? In Thailand, you can find safe drinking water in many places. According to the local waterworks authority in Bangkok, the water in the city meets the WHO standards. Some locals drink the tap water while others do not. While the […]

How to Know if Your New home is in a Good Location

When it comes to real estate, location is king. Understandably, before you move in to your new home you will want assurances that the home is in a good location. There are a various factors you can take into consideration when choosing among different home locations. Read on to find out.   Doing Some Research […]

Monthly Cost of Living in Thailand Compared to the West

It’s an open secret: life is more affordable in Thailand than in the West. Almost anything you can think of will cost much less in Thailand as opposed to countries like the US, UK, or Australia, unless you are buying products imported from the west. Read on to find out how the monthly cost of […]

Where to Look for Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Thailand is a well-known destination for a host of things. From the famous delicious oriental street stall foods to the unique fusion of western and Eastern Asian cultures. Thailand is also one of the top country destinations for travellers and tourists. The heavily populated capital of Bangkok is one of the major cities in the […]

Top 3 New Condo Developments in Bangkok

The Bangkok real estate market has over the recent years witnessed an unprecedented upsurge in the number of new condo development projects. Now more than ever, you can be in an excellent position to acquire some of the finest condominium units, not just in Thailand but also the entire South East Asia region.   The […]

Expat Communities in Thailand

So you may like all things Thai but not have the money to go there (yet). Or you are in Thailand and feel the need to find some other people who, like you, are foreigners in Thailand facing the same daily situations. It is nice to want to belong somewhere and people often seek out […]

5 Employment Laws Anyone Working in Thailand Should Know

Like every other country, Thailand has laws that must be followed no matter what, especially pertaining to work and those that can work for you. It is important to stay on the right side of Thai law if you plan to carry out your business and/or career successfully. Otherwise you may be facing penalties like […]

Quick Tips – 5 Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand

Being in Thailand can be a fun and engaging experience. There are some very important things to take note of however. This is a new culture and as a visitor, not everything you normally do at home is acceptable in Thailand. Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts of Thailand:   Dos Be respectful and […]

Tips For First Time Property Buyers in Thailand

If you are planning on buying a property in Asia, Thailand should be on top of your list. The Thailand property market is currently booming and with a wide range of properties available, living a dream life, for most people, is becoming a reality. The process of purchasing a property in this country is not […]

How to Stay Safe When Driving in Thailand

Driving is a process that may take a long time to learn. Some of the best drivers in the world have driven for years in every weather condition imaginable. However, since you may be neither of these and you are in a foreign country, you may as well learn something about driving in Thailand.   […]

5 Steps to Finding The Perfect Property

Buying a house is among one of the biggest steps one can take. However, the process can be tedious whether you are new buyer or an experienced real estate broker. There are many options available and without a clear system to clarify your requirements, the process can be extremely frustrating. Follow these five steps tips […]

Best Places to Go to See in the New Year in Thailand

Thailand has many great places you can go during the New Year’s Eve. Most of these places are within the cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This is a guide on the best Thailand destinations for your New Year’s Eve parties.   Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations for […]

The Health Benefits of Thai Massage

If you are planning to get a Thai massage, you should know that there is more to this ancient massage mode than just a re-energizing rush of energy and cathartic relaxation right after the massage. Various health benefits have been linked to regular Thai massages. Below are some of the major health benefits you stand […]

Top 5 things to See and Do in Thailand

Thailand is a country brim full of culture, religion, nature and history that can keep any tourist busy. There are many things to do and see in this luscious country and here is a list of the top five things to do while you are in Thailand:   Visit the Temples Religion features greatly in […]

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent to Work With

If you have recently arrived in Thailand and wish to rent a condo or apartment, you may be looking for a real estate agent to help you with your search. There are many real estate agents in Thailand, especially in the capital Bangkok, but how do you choose the best one to work with? Below […]

Where to Buy Furniture For Your Condo in Bangkok

When you rent a condo in Bangkok, most of the time it comes furnished, however, many people prefer to rent a place that is not furnished so that they can choose their own furniture. While most Thai’s are happy to sit and eat on the floor and often don’t even have chairs in the house, […]

Celebrating Christmas in Bangkok

Thailand isn’t a country that celebrates Xmas traditionally, however, with the large number of expats that live here, and the fact that Thai people love to celebrate whatever the occasion, Xmas is becoming much more popular. Although you won’t find Thai families putting up Xmas trees or giving out presents, you will find that the […]

2 Bedroom Condo for Rent at Le Premier Condominium

Best Parks in Bangkok

Bangkok has a wide selection of parks, all of which offer a decent park experience. Some of the best parks within the city offer a quick escape from the busy city life, while some are able to give their visitors various outdoor entertainment options or great opportunities to better their fitness levels. Below are some […]

Things to Consider When Looking at Off Plan Condo Projects in Bangkok

Bangkok allows investors to purchase off plan condos. Investing in off plan condos means that you buy a property that is still in the concept state, undergoing design or still under construction. Off plan condos in Bangkok offer very good returns on your investment. Furthermore, an off plan investment project means you do not have […]

How To Modify Your Home For Wheelchair Users

Most homes are not made to accommodate people on wheelchairs, whether residents or visitors. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but things such as old age and accidents can make you wish your home were accessible to wheelchairs. Consequently, making your home accessible to wheelchair users should be something you should […]

How Much Money Do You Need To Live in Thailand

Thailand is definitely one of the least expensive places to lead a decent life. The quality of life and access to modern conveniences such as good reliable transport, good hospitals, and world-class entertainment centres have made Thailand a top destination, not only for people looking to have great vacations on a budget, but also retirees […]

Top 5 Perks of Living in Thailand

Known for its splendid beaches, amazing wildlife, gleaming fields, and breath-taking sceneries, Thailand is among the most beautiful countries in the world. The country has a wide range of offerings to tourists, but what makes Thailand so special is its people.   Thai people are very polite, cheerful and helpful, which is attributed to their […]

How to Survive Living in a Thai Community

You may end up living in Thailand for any number of reasons: tourism, work, retirement, and so forth. However, whatever your reasons, you must learn how to survive within the Thai community. The culture in this country is quite exotic, which means you will have to make some adjustments to become part of the Thai […]

Renting Out Your Bangkok Property? Get More Money In Your Pocket With These Tips

Properties for rent, especially small one bedroom condos, are abound in Bangkok. If you own some property in the city, it’s a great idea to make an income from it. There are always people looking for a place to rent in Bangkok, many of them expats. But there are a few things you should know […]

How To Save Money On Healthcare In Bangkok

There is no doubt that healthcare in Bangkok is far cheaper than it is in the west. But expats will realize that local costs of healthcare are also going up, maybe not at an alarming rate, but there is a rise nevertheless. For the local who wants to save money on healthcare, there are a […]

Living in Bangkok – Top 5 Dishes you Must Try

One of Thailand’s greatest influences is its amazing, yet exotic, cuisine. Thai foods have grown in popularity around the world, and if you think these dishes are delights after tasting them elsewhere, wait until you have tasted them in Bangkok. Below are some of the top 5 dishes that you cannot live without once you […]

Emporio Place Bangkok

The Emporio Place Residential condominium is combined of 3 towers producing a total of 361 residential units and 7 retail units. Developed by TCC Capital Land Limited, this popular condominium combines modern western design with rich oriental values.   Built in 2010, Emporio Place is located in the cosmopolitan area of Bangkok – Sukhumvit 24 […]

5 Common Home Improvements for Thai Homes

Your Thai home is your refuge from bustle and hustle of the world. You can enjoy it fully as your place for celebrating, unwinding and relaxing by using the best home improvement projects that reflect your lifestyle and authenticity.   Below are 5 common home improvements for Thai houses that will improve the value of […]

Why You Should Consult a Real Estate Agent When Renting a Property in Bangkok

Thailand is a beautiful country full of history and culture. There is a lot to see in this lovely country and plenty of business too. If, however, you plan to move there or live there for a few months, you may need to rent accommodation. Real estate is a booming business in Thailand and you […]

Understanding Geographical Areas Of Bangkok For Potential Property Buyers

There is a common phrase in real estate market: location, location, location. The truth of this mantra is clearly evident among property buyers within the city of Bangkok. Buying the property you want is not enough, but buying the property you want in the right location is. In Bangkok, there are several geographical locations where […]

What Type of Properties Can Be Rented in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most lively and stylish cities in the world, where modern architecture exist along with ancient temples. This blend of modern and traditional architecture has attracted people from different parts of the world who are keen to experience life in this bustling city.   Despite this influx, there is no shortage […]

Top 5 attractions for expat kids in Bangkok

As a family guy, you know very well that it’s equally important for all your family members to have a good time while visiting Thailand and if you have kids, then they’re certainly your number one priority when coming here.   While you may initially think that Bangkok has little to offer when it comes […]

Land Ownership by Foreigners in Thailand

Foreigners in Thailand generally enjoy the same rights as locals when it comes to real estate property under the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code. However, while foreigners can buy condominiums and apartments, they cannot buy land on which the apartments sit. In general, the laws in the country prohibit foreign land ownership, although there are […]

Should I Move to Thailand – What to Expect

Thailand is by far one of the most beautiful and cheapest countries to live in in the world and with its wonderful historical cities, nature reserves, great collection of national parks, but also exotic beach islands and natural landscapes, it’s hard to say no to the opportunity of coming to make a life for yourself […]

Tips for learning the Thai Language

If you plan on visiting Thailand it would be much better if you know the language, since this way your experience of the country is going to be that much more amazing. While you may believe that by hiring a guide you’ll be able to get by and do almost everything you want, in the […]

Studio Room Apartment for Rent at Royal President

Life in Bangkok: What to Expect

Relocating to Bangkok soon? Mai pen rai (no problem)! Naturally, there are many questions running through your mind about what to expect in this new culture and how exactly you will cope with a vastly different culture.   From your Google searches, you have probably gathered that Bangkok is a characterized by vibrant cultures, great […]

The History of Bangkok

Four centuries ago, Bangkok was just a small village that served as a port for ships sailing on river Ayutthaya. Today, Bangkok’s popularity around the world is legendary, thanks to its iconic role as a global travel destination. The city is world famous for its fascinating sites, events, activities, and its unforgettable and enticing charm. […]

Moving With Children to Bangkok

Your plan to move to Bangkok may seem to be very challenging when you are moving with children. This is because you will have to take care of the children as well as look after the valuables you are moving with. The children can make your moving experience a tough one especially if they are […]

Best Sight-Seeing Trips to Take in Bangkok

You can never run out of places to visits in Bangkok. This is because there are so many places in Bangkok that you can go to for sightseeing. This explains why Bangkok is considered one of the best cities to travel to.   Bangkok has so much to offer; from its rich culture to its […]

Where to Buy Good Quality Clothes in Bangkok

Bangkok is a true fashion hub in Thailand. It is setting the trend for the style-savvy and other people who want to shop for the greatest and latest clothes. The Bangkok Fashion Week which is held twice a year has raised the style bar and enhanced the value for workmanships, money and textiles such as […]

Bangkok Condo Market

Foreign purchasers are advised to buy Bangkok condos since Bangkok has restrictions on purchasing land. There are very many investors who build condos for sale to people living outside Bangkok. The condos are ideal for foreigners since they provide the easiest and quickest way of finding suitable and comfortable place to live in Bangkok.   […]

Bangkoks Best Bars

Bangkok has long had a reputation for world class bars. The hotel industry has been a major source of momentum in terms of design, setting and vision for creating places that both the international jet set and the locals are clamoring to head over to for an evening’s drinks. There have always been a number […]

Bangkok Markets

Many expats and even Bangkok locals live and work in increasingly globalized environments. This has its advantages in terms of business uniformity but it can get harder to feel like one is living in a foreign country unless the maids or office cleaners are chatting or eating food. Even then, they are more often wearing […]

Why Do Many Expat Retirees Stay In Bangkok Instead Of Other Cities?

Paradoxically most retirees stay in Bangkok because of convenience, but you wouldn’t identify this from living there, as Bangkok is a sprawling urban metropolis and the retirees, as a clearly identifiable group or segment are spread out more thinly. This means you can travel to the streets of Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan and see a […]

How to Eat Like a Bangkok Native

Thailand is world famous for food so the expat who relocates to work in the city usually thinks they’ll get on fine with a Tom Kha Gai or a Kaeng Kiaow Wan Neua. Well that’s not going to cut it in the cultural office stakes so if you want to win street cred with the […]

Top Methodologies to Buy a Condo in Thailand

It’s widely recognised all around the world that the use of estate agents is a normal and trusted method for property purchases. There are however a handful of guidelines to consider before purchasing a Thai Condominium. This is because local styles of business transaction and Thai regulations can vary considerably from your country of origin. […]

Places to Experience Jazz in Bangkok

Not a lot of people recall that the King of Thailand was born in the USA and spent a period of time living in Switzerland. Because of this exposure to the global village at an early age, it’s fair to say the King has a more receptive appreciation of world culture than most. Many people […]

Having a Baby in Bangkok

Many couples find themselves, or more accurately find their female partner, pregnant in Bangkok and there is a tendency to panic a little as Thailand is still a developing nation. It’s only natural and imbued with the deepest maternal instincts for an expat resident woman to want the very best for her baby and for […]

Bangkok Real Estate Awards 2014

We’ve been looking forward to these awards on the anniversary of 11 September for some months now and the event held at the Conrad Hotel, All Seasons Place lived up to every expectation, with industry people securing awards for the hard work and commitment to professionalism they have put in over the last year. It […]

What Are The Advantages of Bangkok Condos Over Bangkok Homes?

Technically all residences are homes but in this instance we mean to look at the difference between renting or owning a Bangkok condominium and renting or owning a house, Chinese Style Shophouse or individual flats and apartments. The Asian condominium market is well served as a housing model, and the greatest growth is in this […]

1 Bedroom Condo for Rent at Nob

Networking in Bangkok – So Many Options

Bangkok in the early 90s was a completely different beast to the digitized, sprawling megalopolis that it is today. The essentials for networking knowledge were the two English newspapers, The Nation and the Bangkok Post and, pre internet, a shortwave radio was essential for keeping up with world events as cable and satellite television had […]

Moving To Bangkok – First Timers Delight

So many people have come to Thailand on holiday that it’s rare for someone to move here who hasn’t been a tourist. Thailand is the number one favourite tourist destination all over the world, so even if by some chance a first timer is moving here with no experience, it’s seldom they don’t know someone […]

Renting Property in Bangkok & Thailand

Each year in Thailand the expat property rental market has seen exponential growth with the nation’s capital becoming one of the lead destinations for visitors who decide to live here. The main appeal is the relaxed lifestyle, and increasingly international outlook of the Thai people with incredible access to a wide variety of international cuisine […]

Transport Options for Bangkok

Bangkok traffic is legendary. It has actually vastly improved over the last decade considering the additional volume of cars on the road and the rising middle class. During the 90’s the jams were so intense that schoolchildren were rising at 3 or 4am to get to school on time. Those days are less frequent now […]

Top Places to Rent or Buy in Bangkok

Bangkok, like any international metropolis, has a number of select and desirable neighborhoods that the newcomer would be wise to acquaint themselves with. The key considerations apart from the vicinity energy and atmosphere are usually traffic and transport. The former gets you home but the latter gets you out quicker. The major thoroughfares such as […]

Top 3 Stunning Bangkok Views from Bars

The growth in rooftop bars over the last ten years in Bangkok has been exponential. Singapore was probably the first to initiate the trend in Asia, along with Hong Kong, but Bangkok’s sheer size and geographical spread means there are more rooftop bars here than anywhere else in Asia. The scale of Bangkok means that […]

Top Four Tips to Take on the Thai Property Ladder

  A Little Research Preparation To secure a foothold on the Thai property ladder a little research before and during the process will reap dividends that are too long to list fully. If the customer is outside the Kingdom of Thailand much of the research can be initiated outside the country in preparation for a […]

Architectural Properties of Note in Bangkok

Background Unlike Hong Kong or Singapore where rapid development led to a more uniform style of Architectural Design, Bangkok (and Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta) have some interesting exceptions in terms of structure design that are simply not around anymore in rapidly developing Asia where the Chinese style commodification of design has led to space, not […]

What to Expect in Thailand

Thailand located in South-East Asia is a long way away from many Western countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thai culture is quite different from that of its Western counterparts. It may well be possible to buy branded clothes, designer jewelry and high end electrical goods, in Thailand, however, some things are very different. […]

Dealing with culture shock in Thailand

Thailand is located in South-East Asia. This is a long way away from many Western countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thai culture is quite different from that of its Western counterparts. It may well be possible to buy branded clothes, designer jewelry, electrical goods, in Thailand. But, some things are very different. Food […]

Shopping in Thailand

Thailand is a shopper’s paradise but when you live in Thailand your shopping needs are a little different than when you are a tourist, and the crowds and packed markets can get a little tedious. Here are a few must visit shopping destinations when settling in and our tips on how to get the most […]

Things British Expats love about Thailand

There are quite a lot of British expats in Thailand…. if you are thinking of moving here, apart from knowing you will find people ‘from home’ here are a few other reasons why British expats love Thailand. The Weather – Let’s be honest the weather and how its ‘gloomy’ and ‘unpredictable’ it can be is […]

Finding a child-friendly neighborhood

Living in a new environment away from your home country seems like intimidating but one can transform it into a great new living experience when you find a right place for you to live in together with your kids. Thailand is one of the best countries to live in for an expatriate because of economic […]

The Big Move

Tips and convenience of staying in Bangkok for expats In 2013, recent findings on expat economics show that Thailand is ranked as the most preferable country destination for expats looking for a balanced quality life and improved financial status. The recent HSBC Expat survey indicates that Thailand topped other countries for the best expat experience. […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For a Condo to Rent in Bangkok

When it comes to finding a condo to rent in Bangkok, it is all too easy to make costly mistakes. Read on to find out the top 3 mistakes we find that prospective tenants make during their condo hunt in Bangkok. 1 – Square Footage Focus When looking for a condo to rent in Bangkok, […]

What to Expect If You Invest In Bangkok Condos

While most expats can only expect to find a condo to rent in Bangkok, there are those who seek out the possibility of investing in condominiums in Thailand. Certainly, it is a potentially lucrative venture for those allowed to pursue it given the increasing number of foreigners who elect to make Thailand their home. It […]

A Guide to Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

Due to the vast size of the city plus the growing number of developments, it can be relatively easy to find a Bangkok apartment for rent as long as you have enough money! If you come across a property you like and agree to take on a lease, you will need to sign a standard […]

New Condo Developments in Thailand Cater To Higher Demand

When it comes to finding a condo for rent in Bangkok, there is no time like the present and this certainly seems to be the attitude of foreign tourists eager to settle down in Thailand. Tourism officials believe that over 24 million tourists will visit Thailand in 2013 with income from tourism rising by almost […]

Expats Should Look For Bangkok Apartments to Rent Before Price Rises

If you are looking to live in Thailand’s capital, now is a great time to look for a Bangkok apartment to rent. At HomeConnect Thailand, we have set up hundreds of delighted customers with condos and apartments to rent in Bangkok at affordable prices and the market remained steady. In fact, there have been no […]

The Cost of Living in Thailand

Possibly the most important factor that determines where you live in Thailand, apart from location, is cost.  Living in Thailand does not mean that the more you pay ensures the better standard of living, not by a long shot, but when you factor in the cost to eat, travel and social activities then it helps […]

The best place for home improvement

When it comes to home improvement in Thailand, there are many different choices to look at in terms of where to go to get assistance.  You may be used to giant hardware chains and stores back home and Thailand has its fair share also in the form of Home Depot which is the well-known US […]

The best place for home improvement

When it comes to home improvement in Thailand there are many different choices to look at in terms of where to go to get assistance.  You may be used to giant hardware chains and stores back home and Thailand has its fair share also in the form of Home Depot which is the well-known US […]

Opening the door to successful condo renting in Bangkok

There are literally thousands of condos in Bangkok that are available for rent.  They all have something to offer and some try to be unique whilst others tend to cater for specific types of people.  How though can you make sure that the condo you rent will be up to scratch and meet your standards […]

How to truly connect to the ideal condo for rent in Bangkok

They say that life is all about connections.  Meeting people and such and, thanks to the internet, this is prolific more than ever.  So when it comes to meeting people the internet is great and that is why social media has taken off so much but what about other things or areas where the internet […]

It is all about searching when it comes to renting a condo in Bangkok

The internet, specifically Google, taught the world the power of providing accurate and definitive search tools for people to find the information they are looking for on the internet as they realized that the better the search tools provided then the more accurate the result meaning the happier the person performing the searching. It is […]

The culture of living in Thailand

When you are living in a foreign country it may take some time before you start to speak the language and fully understand and accept the new culture. This means that your first few months of living in a new place can indeed be scary.  One thing you have to get used to is what […]

Should you live by the beach or in the city?

When it comes to moving to Thailand you can either choose to live in the big city known as Bangkok or in one of the many beach towns such as Pattaya.  Ultimately where you choose to live is decided by a few personal factors such as do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the […]

How to buy property in Thailand

If you are a foreigner looking to buy a condo, house, or villa in Thailand, you need to be well aware of the stages and legal proceedings involved. A good lawyer and estate agent will help smooth out the process and give you advice and guidance along the way, but even before securing the help […]

5 must know DIY tips

Whether you are moving into your first apartment, or simply taking on your first DIY job, it’s OK to admit you don’t know what you are doing. Not everyone was brought up in a house full of carpenters, or raised by engineers, some of us have learned our DIY skills the hard way!   It’s […]

Bangkok apartment home improvements.. on a budget!

Whether you are looking to do some home improvements to your Bangkok apartment with an eye to  sell, rent, or just spruce up your living quarters, the first concern that comes to mind is likely to be your budget. On top of that you probably have no real idea where to start and are more […]

Securing your Bangkok apartment while on holiday

While we all look forward to our holidays and a chance to escape the Bangkok hustle and bustle, securing your apartment while away can be a bit of a worry. Bangkok is actually a reasonable safe city when compared to other major metropolises in the world, and the vast majority of inner city apartments come […]

Starting a DIY project for your Bangkok condo

If this is your first home improvement project you’re probably eager to get starter but at the same time on really sure where to start. Before you rush off to Home Pro, or your favourite Bangkok DIY store you need to make yourself a plan.   Planning out your home improvement project can save you […]

De cluttering your Bangkok apartment!

  Does your Bangkok apartment look like this?     You’re not alone. Though so many of us dream of having that spacious, minimalistic, modern Bangkok apartment, with not even a hint of mess or clutter to be seen, a home we proudly show off to friends and colleagues. The truth is that in the […]

Living with pets in Bangkok

A lot of my friends in Bangkok seem to be pet crazy, everyone seems to have a cat, or dog, or at least a goldfish to keep them company, and while fish are little trouble living in Bangkok with a dog or cat can be a real challenge.   The first problem you will encounter […]

7 tips for moving home

  Moving to a new apartment can be a mix of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. You can’t wait to get into your new home and start to add some personal touches, but first there is the mammoth task of packing up everything you own in the world and moving it across town – hoping that […]

New Home – A dream came true. HomeConnect Thailand’s homebuilding project

New Home – A dream came true Home Connect (Thailand) Ltd. and Asian Tigers Mobility, the top professional housing agency and moving company in Thailand along with Habitat for Humanity (Thailand), built a new house for a recipient in Pathumthani last May 11-12, 2013. Over 30 volunteers signed up and joined together in the construction of […]

Creating a colour scheme for you Bangkok Apartment

  One of the most important tasks when decorating you Bangkok apartment is finding a colour scheme you can work with. It really is a more important decision than most people realise, and it’s often the moment when you make the first real commitment to creating the new vibe of your home. Choose the right […]

4 DIY disasters to avoid!

  We are all guilty of watching one DIY or home Improvement show too many, and we can be forgiven for getting it in to our head that taking on a few little DIY tasks could immediately raise the value of our apartment. Well, the truth is that taking on home improvement jobs without the […]

Decorating tips for Bangkok condo renters

If you are a condo owner you then you are free to decorate when and how you like, you can throw whatever colours you want on the walls, even tear walls down, and change rooms completely, but the vast majority of westerners living in Bangkok are tenants, renting their condo or house and unable to […]

Adding value to your Bangkok apartment

Whether you are looking to sell, rent, or just give your Bangkok apartment a new lease of life, making a few minor alterations and delicate touches can soon add some value and attraction. Here are a few tips:   Pay attention to the outside     You may live on the 20th floor of the […]

10 tips to making your Bangkok bedroom sexy!

Sexy is always a good look for a bedroom but there is certainly an art to making your room ooze sex and love without getting too trashy or even sleazy! You can start by not even thinking about red walls, heart shapes, scented candles, and mirrored balls – all of which scream desperation!   This […]

4 tips for finding your dream Bangkok apartment

OK, maybe dream apartment is pushing it a bit, depending on your budget and how big you dream some things may just be out of reach, but ultimately with a little know-how and effort you can find a Bangkok apartment you’ll be proud to call home.   Now, despite there being such a huge selection […]

Give your Bangkok apartment a spring make-over

  Do you feel envious when looking at the homes of your friends? Look through the home magazines wondering what could have been? Maybe you even search property websites fantasizing about moving to a new home? Well what’s stopping you from giving your Bangkok apartment a Spring time make-over?   OK, I’m sure your first […]

5 myths about Bangkok apartments

There are a number of myths and misconceptions many new homeowners and tenants have before renting or buying their first Bangkok apartment. To help set the record straight here are 5 commonly heard myths about renting and buying apartments in Bangkok, and the truth behind them:   ‘There are so many apartments available in Bangkok, […]

Finding an affordable apartment on Sukhumvit Road

Whether you are new to Bangkok or have been here for several years, the same dilemma always comes up when searching for a new apartment, where is the best place to live in Bangkok? It basically all comes down to your budget and lifestyle choice, but without doubt the most popular area for Westerners in […]

Finding your first Bangkok Apartment Part 4: The Contract

  So you’ve found the Bangkok apartment you want to call home, it looks great, it feels, great, it even smells great, it’s in your ideal location and you can afford the monthly rent without having to sell a kidney, the only thing standing between you and a set of front door keys is your […]

Finding your first Bangkok Apartment Part 3: Viewing properties

  With lots of research done and a good game plan in place you are more than ready to start viewing your potential new Bangkok apartments. Having looked at facts and figure, weighed up the things you want against the things you really need, you should now have a good idea of what you are […]

Finding your first Bangkok Apartment Part 2: Start searching

  If you’ve started planning your search for your first Bangkok apartment, found temporary accommodation in the city, worked out your budget, and have a good idea of what you are looking for and where you are looking for it, then you’ve certainly done a lot of the hard work already. The next step is […]

Finding your first Bangkok Apartment Part 1: Research and prep work

  So you’re looking for your first Bangkok apartment, perhaps you are living abroad or elsewhere in Thailand and frantically scouring the Bangkok property market. Or maybe you’re already in the city in temporary accommodation and looking for somewhere permanent, either way you are most likely suffering from mixed emotions, full of excitement and anxiety, […]

Bangkok Apartments: All you need to know before signing on the dotted line

  So you’ve found your dream Bangkok apartment and you can’t wait to sign the contract and get your hands on those keys.. Before you scribble down your name there are a few things you definitely need to consider and be aware of to make sure your dream doesn’t become a nightmare.   Here are […]

Modernizing your Bangkok Apartment

  Whether your Bangkok apartment is a few years old, or a few decades old, knowing how to modernize it and putting that plan into action can be a real challenge. any people will be put off by the potential cost of renovations but that doesn’t need to be the case as with a few […]

Simple energy saving tips for your Bangkok apartment

  You don’t have to take out a loan or eat into your savings in order to lower the energy consumption of your Bangkok apartment. Not only will reducing your energy consumption give you great peace of mind but you’ll also be instantly lowering your utility bills!   There are lots of cheap and simple […]

Best Areas to Search for Apartments in Bangkok

  Finding an a apartment in Bangkok can be both an exciting adventure and a arduous challenge. There are thousands of condos and apartments for rent in Bangkok and you may well find yourself overwhelmed by your options, laving your hardest decision choosing which area of the city to call home.   The are many […]

Best location for pet friendly apartments in Bangkok

Where is the best location for pet friendly apartments in Bangkok? As with apartment hunting in any major metropolis, pet owners are going to prefer to be near a large, attractive park, or at least somewhere pleasant and fun to take their four legged loved ones out for a stroll, or a game of fetch. […]

6 Simple Tricks to Making Your Bangkok Apartment More Cozy

So you just moved into your Bangkok apartment; you may have the couch, chair, table bed, and any other necessary furniture, but perhaps it still feels empty or “cold”. Don’t worry; we will help you to fill your new apartment with everything you need to make it feel cozy and more like you. After all, […]

Where to Rent a Condo in Bangkok: Silom Vs Sukhumvit

For those wanting to live in cosmopolitan Bangkok, experiencing true downtown living, you’re likely to be looking at condos for rent in Silom and along Sukhumvit Road.   Finding a condo for rent in Silom or Sukhumvit is the easy part, there are condos and apartments to suit just about all budgets and expectations in […]

A Small Guide to Bangkok Condo Areas

Bangkok, a leading world destination that seems to endlessly expand is becoming increasingly popular with foreign expats looking for a condo or apartment to call home. With its high rise buildings, superb transportation networks, huge selection of shopping malls, and its overall western feel, but in an Asian city, Bangkok is the place to be. […]