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Life in Bangkok: What to Expect

Life in Bangkok: What to Expect

Relocating to Bangkok soon? Mai pen rai (no problem)! Naturally, there are many questions running through your mind about what to expect in this new culture and how exactly you will cope with a vastly different culture.


From your Google searches, you have probably gathered that Bangkok is a characterized by vibrant cultures, great food, intense traffic jams, and an exciting night life in the bustling and growing south east Asian capital. All these findings are indeed accurate, valid and reasons why many choose to relocate to Bangkok. Below are more specifics about different aspects about life in Bangkok to give you a better idea of what to expect before relocating and to avoid any big surprises.


Thai People


One of the many reasons why people move to Bangkok is the warm and welcome atmosphere and interactions offered by Thai people. In the streets, you can expect pleasant smiles from strangers and help with instructions when lost, thanks to the communal living spirit of the Thais. When in trouble, Thais would go out of their way to help you out.


In a party, one would volunteer to cook for the whole crowd—all out of a good heart. In case of small disputes and conflicts, matters can be sorted out right as they happen without the need to move to court. Thai people’s tolerance and effort to understand foreigners is another great quality. You can be assured that culturally.


Thai people are the most understanding and pleasant. Interacting with the locals will not help you feel welcomed, but also provide a once in a lifetime learning experience about the rich thai culture.




From the tropical location of the city, hot and humid weather dominates the majority of the year, comically making three main seasons, hot, hotter, and hottest. An average daily high usually peaks at 36 degrees Celcius. The hottest months are usually March-April while December is known to be on the milder side of the scale at 30 degrees Celcius. The city’s pollution further aggravates the air quality in addition to the heat.


Rainy monsoon seasons vary from year to year, but generally come with a significant amount of rain. This sometimes is the reason for some flooding in the city.


Getting around


The traffic problem in Bangkok is a serious one, and it only gets worse during the rainy season. With this in mind, you have a few options to choose from for your transportation needs. Owning a car in Bangkok is a reality, but it comes with a significantly higher price tag than in the west. Adding to this will be other maintenance expenses, gas and insurance costs, which are equally as high.


The better choice is public transport. Not only will you be minimizing one less car in traffic and contribution to pollution, but it is a much more expedient. Perhaps you will be sacrificing convenience of owning a car, to a certain extent, but in the long run, it is a much more financially friendly option. Public transport options include the city bus which has the most extensive network in getting around town, taxis, boats and motorbikes (tuktuks), to name a few.

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