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Living with pets in Bangkok

Living with pets in Bangkok

A lot of my friends in Bangkok seem to be pet crazy, everyone seems to have a cat, or dog, or at least a goldfish to keep them company, and while fish are little trouble living in Bangkok with a dog or cat can be a real challenge.


The first problem you will encounter is finding an apartment that will let you live with your pets.  This isn’t impossible as there are still plenty of pet friendly apartments available for rent in Bangkok, but you will still need to find the right one which suites both you and your furry friend.


So let’s say you’ve found a pet friendly apartment, and probably laid out a sizable deposit which you hope to get back, so now you have the task of pet proofing you apartment to make sure your little loved one doesn’t totally destroy everything!


Here are some tips for pet proofing your Bangkok apartment:



naughty dog


Stop them from scratching


This problem can be particularly bad with young cats who just love to test and sharpen their claws on all your lovely furniture. There’s no real way to stop your cats from scratching, they need to do it, it’s in their nature, but your task is to stop them from scratching up the sofa. However, if you do manage to  scare them away from the sofa they will still find another piece of furniture to dig their claws into.


The best solution is to get a scratch post. Scratch posts are designed to draw your cats attention and give them the ideal object to scratch and stretch on. They are also fairly inexpensive but it’s worth investing in a good one, you’ll save money in the long run if you can keep your pet from damaging any furniture.


Occasionally you’ll get a cat that is just hell-bent on causing chaos, which can often be put down to the stress big city life is causing your pet. If this is the case you may have to do a little more than just buying a scratch post. As well as having a place to scratch freely also create a comfortable place where your cat can hide and be alone. Make sure your cat has regular feeding times and around the clock access to water and a litter tray. And try to give your kitty some regular exercise, preferably outside.



apartment pet


When to use deterrent spray


A lot of pet owners use deterrent spray to discourage pets from destroying a certain area of the home. The problems with this is that it’s expensive and not good for your health.


If you notice your pet taking a shining to a particular area of your home, instead of covering it with deterrent spray try to remove or protect the furniture. The chances are that it’s a particular piece of furniture which is drawing their attention,  so your goal is to protect it by using padding and tape. If all goes to plan your pet will soon grow out of any anarchic behaviour and you can remove the padding.


If your pet grows a liking to a particularly expensive piece of furniture, or something hard to protect, you may then want to consider using some deterrent spray, or simply removing that piece of furniture until your pet matures.



pet proofing


Battling smell


One of the hardest things to deal with when living with pets is the smell. Apart from keeping your pet as clean as possible with regular shampoo baths, you’ll want to keep lots of plug in odour sprays and enzyme-based odour removers (which you should use to attack any nasty surprises).


The other key to battling animal smells in your home is to simply give your home a regular clean. If you don’t have the time to give it a top to bottom clean once a week then it’s definitely worth employing a maid to do so. You’ll also want to make sure you machine wash all cushion covers regularly.


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