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Modernizing your Bangkok Apartment

Modernizing your Bangkok Apartment


Whether your Bangkok apartment is a few years old, or a few decades old, knowing how to modernize it and putting that plan into action can be a real challenge. any people will be put off by the potential cost of renovations but that doesn’t need to be the case as with a few simple tricks, touch ups, and intricate touches, you can have your Bangkok apartment looking contemporary and stylish within your budget


Firstly, you don’t have to change your apartment from top to bottom, you don’t even need to renovate and revamp every, just start with the room that needs the most attention or a common area such as the living room, and see how your home takes shape.


Here are a few simple ways to bring your home firmly into the present day without eating up your savings:




Wants Vs Needs


Before you start looking at what you want to change, take a good look around at what most needs your attention.  Don’t just look at what looks out of date but look at what needs repair too, it would be silly to spend money on revamping areas of you home that are in good condition but look unattractive over renovating and repairs parts of your apartment that are falling apart! First concentrate on the apartment itself (such as walls, floors and ceilings), before tackling furniture and fixings.


What is the modern look?


Art, style, taste, its all very subjective and down to the individual, but you may want to get a taste of what is possible and contemporary by looking through home magazines. Flicking through the pages of home mags is sure to give you lots of inspiration and  ideas. Again, don’t be put off my potential cost, instead of being overwhelmed by a need for a total refurb, pay attention to small and simple details, things like stylish light fixings and chic switch plates which are cheap and can make a huge difference, especially when set-off against white or colour matching walls.




By changing your current light fixings you have the opportunity to not only modernize but you may also be able add more light and reduce your bills, using more efficient bulbs and shades. Again, this is all fairly inexpensive in terms of renovations. To further modernize and improve lighting, look replace any curtains or nets with fresh, modern looking blinds.




Flooring and fittings


Tiles, flooring, kitchen unit and bathroom fittings can all instantly transform a room with a little extra cost. All your major fitting are likely to have been chosen by colour and over time those colours may well have faded or worn in areas. No doubt the colour scheme itself may be a little outdated too.


  • The first thing to tackle is usually carpets and rugs. Replace anything worn or discoloured, or simply out of date.
  • Secondly look at any wallpaper you may have which looks out of date. Wallpaper tends to be the first thing in your home to look outdated, while replacing it white or neutral coloured paint can give a room a new, fresh look at a fraction of the price to re-paper.
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures can also be give a new lease of life by replacing them with simple, neutral coloured fixing.

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