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Moving to Bangkok: What to Expect

Moving to Bangkok: What to Expect

When people move into Bangkok, there are usually a lot of expectations based on the city’s reputation around the world. However, there are also a lot of questions you might ask yourself about life in the city, especially for an expat. So, what should you expect when you move to Bangkok?

Below are a few pointers on what life in this popular Asian destination entails.


  1. The Weather Is Very Hot

If you come from a tropical region, you might not see a lot of difference when it comes to the climate in Bangkok. However, if you come from cold climates in places such as Europe, you should brace yourself for a significantly different weather.

The heat can be quite oppressive, which is usually the case for most of the year.


  1. Traffic

Bangkok traffic does not have a very good reputation. Bangkok roads teem with all kinds of vehicles including motorcycles and Tuk-Tuks. The traffic jams can be very infuriating. Fortunately, there is a simple and convenient alternative to driving; the recently constructed train system.

The Bangkok train system is fast, reliable, and very cheap; which is why you should live in a location that offers easy access to this transportation system if you intend to enjoy your life in Bangkok.


  1. Be Wary Of Taxis

You can’t always rely on the train system to move around. Sometimes you have to use a taxi. Most taxi drivers try to overcharge expats, which is why many taxis are not willing to use a meter, but instead prefer to charge a lump-sum that will ensure that you pay well over the fair amount.

To handle this problem better, you should learn a little Thai, this way, the taxi drivers will be friendlier, and will charge you a favorable fare based on the assumption that you are familiar with the Bangkok taxi system.


  1. Top-class Accommodation

Bangkok offers high-end accommodation, which means you will not be disappointed when living in this city. Houses are quite cheap, and usually very well maintained because they cater to tourists who usually have high expectations about their rental properties.


  1. Best Food Is In The Streets

Many people mistakenly assume that restaurants will offer them the best when it comes to their favorite Thai dishes. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Street carts and vendors usually offer the best eating experiences.

The food you buy on the streets is also quite cheap, which should be a welcome relief for people who like to eat out on a regular basis.


  1. Work Life

If you are moving into Bangkok with the intention of starting a career, you will fare better than expats in other parts of Thailand. There are several large foreign companies in Bangkok that can offer you work, and if such career options do not materialize, you might also find yourself getting into a teaching career, which is very common in Bangkok.

The pay for teaching jobs may not be very good, depending on your specialty, but you will lead a fairly comfortable life within the city based on your earnings.



Moving to Bangkok should not be too hard on you, considering that numerous expats move into the city every year and lead a comfortable life. However, aside from the vibrant entertainment scene, you should also pay attention to a few other aspects of the city that may affect your life considerably.

For instance, you should try to use the train system as opposed to driving, learn some Thai, expect very hot weather, expect to buy the best foods on the streets, and so forth.

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