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Natural Dangers of Thailand

Natural Dangers of Thailand

Thailand is usually called the land of smiles because of its friendly people. Visitors should, however, keep several things in mind to make sure they don’t freeze the friendly smile among the locals.

The following are some things that you should keep in mind to have a safe and friendly stay.

Thailand do’s and dont’s

Thais understand that foreigners have different customs and ways of doing things. This means you should not be worried about making unintentional social indiscretions for the locals will forgive you without your realizing. All the same, it is good to know some of the do’s and dont’s that will earn you respect while in the country. Visitors should be careful about respecting the Thai Royal Family and Buddhism.


  • Respect all Buddha images. Sacrilegious acts may lead to imprisonment even if they are committed by visitors. Foreigners should view all Buddha images as sacred just like the locals.
  • Appropriate dressing- This includes removing your shoes just before entering the temple, some shops and houses. Also, be sure to cover your knees and shoulders while in the temple.
  • Treat monks with respect


  • Don’t disrespect the Thai Royal Family
  • Don’t cross legs in the presence of a monk, even if you on the floor or on a chair.
  • Don’t touch Thai women without consent- Most of them are conservative unlike what is portrayed in come clubs and bars.
  • Don’t send Buddha images out of Thailand- This is against the law unless you have a permit.
  • Don’t touch the head- Thais consider the head as the most sacred and superior part of the human body. They believe the soul lives in the head, and only monks or family members are allowed to touch.

Thai traditions

  • Thai customs are usually overlooked in Bangkok with their chaotic veneer. Be sure to respect all locals and keep the following customs in mind during your visit. Some of their traditions include;
  • Versatile greeting- The wai is a part of the Thai etiquette. It denotes respect, goodbye, thank you or greeting where people press their palm at nose or chest level and bow their head.
  • Absolute reverence- Be sure to stand when the anthem of the king is played before sporting, concert and movie events.
  • Religious objects- Most Thais are Buddhists and visitors should avoid touching their worship items to prevent disruption of harmonious balance.

Dangerous animals

Thailand has many dangerous animals that include jelly fish, centipedes, scorpions and dangerous snakes. In case you see a centipede, be sure to leave without touching or holding it. Centipedes have painful sting that may make you stay indoors if stung on the feet. Scorpions like hiding under logs or in clothes and shoes that have been left on the floor.

Snakes are all over Thailand including the cities. In case of bites, you should not panic since treatments are available everywhere and easily survivable. Visitors who like bathing in the sea should do so with caution since there are many dangerous sea animals such as dragon fish, rock fish and jelly fish which are found in the sea waters of Thailand.

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