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Networking in Bangkok – So Many Options

Networking in Bangkok – So Many Options

Bangkok in the early 90s was a completely different beast to the digitized, sprawling megalopolis that it is today. The essentials for networking knowledge were the two English newspapers, The Nation and the Bangkok Post and, pre internet, a shortwave radio was essential for keeping up with world events as cable and satellite television had only just begun to penetrate the inner city properties of Bangkok.

Today there are so many ways to keep in touch or up to date that it’s well worth knowing where the richest seams of information and people are to be found.


For a segment of digital millennials and Gen Xers the best way they keep in touch and in the know for what’s on is through Twitter. There are about a hundred hard core Bangkok expat twitter users who are essential to follow in the beginning, but as you figure out where your tribe is, you can customize that follow list to people more in tune with your values and goals.

It’s quite a ‘gang’ on Twitter now so do be patient to join in and always be polite and generous with retweets if you want to make an in.


We all have a love hate relationship with Facebook but even the most stern-faced antisocial individual has to concede that Facebook groups are one of the most powerful ways to connect with likeminded people or entrepreneurs and so forth.

The trick is that you don’t need to provide too many details about yourself if social media leaves you feeling nauseous. Put up a simple profile and only connect to those people who you don’t mind being publicly associated with.

There’s lots of networking updates in Bangkok on Facebook and all the inquirer has to do is put ‘Bangkok Networking” in the search box to discover a new world of potential connections.

Networking Nights

Once again these networking nights are discussed on both Twitter and Facebook so there’s lots of ways to connect to likeminded people using the internet, but there are a couple of worthy mentions in this article for the caliber of people that attend these events.

Bangkok Movers & Shakers have their own website and are well known for starting out in Pattaya and now focusing on Bangkok events with one in every four meets returning to their roots on Chonburi.

Their events are engineered around making money for a charity but the bonus is that by participating in the event the attendee gets to meet the best and the brightest and all in the name of doing well.  At their last event Movers and Shakers were able to donate a Mercedes Benz to an orphanage for the profits it would make from a sale.

Bangkok Networking

A new website has emerged with a simple but stunning idea. Just publish a calendar of events online while inviting new event organizers to send in there’s. is a nice idea and the diversity of events they publish is quickly evident when you visit their site.

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