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Securing your Bangkok apartment while on holiday

Securing your Bangkok apartment while on holiday

While we all look forward to our holidays and a chance to escape the Bangkok hustle and bustle, securing your apartment while away can be a bit of a worry. Bangkok is actually a reasonable safe city when compared to other major metropolises in the world, and the vast majority of inner city apartments come with adequate building locks and security. However, leaving your home for a week or so can still leave to vulnerable, and it doesn’t hurt to take extra measure to secure your apartment and the property within.


The steps for securing your home while away on holiday can be planned and started long before your trip. Even if you are not planning on being away any time soon it doesn’t hurt to put a plan of action in to place ready for when you do leave. Here is a brief plan on how to secure your apartment:


Internet security



The month before you leave..


– One way to safe guard your Bangkok apartment while away is to make sure it doesn’t look empty and the best way to do this is to hire a house sitter, or get a friend or neighbour to make regular visits. You’ll want to book them a few weeks in advance. Alternatively you can put lights and even the radio on timer switch.


– You also want to check that your apartment insurance is all up-to-date, and if not, now is the time to get it sorted. If you don’t have apartment insurance now is a good time to get some.


key under mat



The week before you leave..


– Some people lie to hide keys under a door mat or in a flower pot outside their apartment, but basically this is usually a terrible idea, especially in an apartment building, even if you are the only residents on that floor. Why take the risk of someone finding your keys? Leave a set of keys with a trusted neighbour or friend, hopefully they have also agreed to regularly check in on your apartment; forget to buy them a nice gift while you are away!


– Hide all valuables. Just in case the worst does happen and someone breaks into your apartment, make sure your most valuable items aren’t just sitting there waiting to be taken. If you have a safe, use it. If not consider putting valuable items into a secure storage unit, especially if you ahev a lot and are planning on being away for some time.


– A week before you go you’ll also want to cancel any services or deliveries, especially any regular food delivery. If you use a maid service and haven’t found a house sitter, you could still allow your maid to come and do the job for you.


– If you don’t have a house sitter booked or anyone to check up n your place you may want to inform the building security that you are going away, and make them aware that you are not expecting any visitors.


window locked



The day before you leave..

– Throw away any perishable food and condiments.


– Water all your plants and make sure to give them plenty!


– Double check al windows and entrances are securely locked.


– Turn off most all the electrical appliances by unplugging them at the mains. Just make sure you leave the alarm system on, and also the fridge/freezer and anything you have left on a timer.


– Finally, give your home a good top to bottom clean and throw out all the trash. You’ll be gratefully you did so when you return home again!


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