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Should you live by the beach or in the city?

Should you live by the beach or in the city?

When it comes to moving to Thailand you can either choose to live in the big city known as Bangkok or in one of the many beach towns such as Pattaya.  Ultimately where you choose to live is decided by a few personal factors such as do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city or the more relaxed environment of the beach?  When it comes to finding somewhere to live in both of these places there are plenty of condos or apartments on offer but obviously location is key.  You may find that you pay less rent in a condo in the suburbs of Bangkok compared to the centre of Bangkok due to the fact that the centre of Bangkok offers better travel facilities and more amenities.

Pattaya, as an example of a beach town and one of the most popular in Thailand, tends to have higher prices than Bangkok whether you want to rent an apartment or condo but this can be because Pattaya is always in a state of development with new properties always being created.  Bangkok on the other hand tends not to have too many new properties per year due to the lack of space in Bangkok itself.  This means that, when new property is created in Bangkok it usually sells out rather quickly because there is always the need for somewhere new to live.


Sometimes that home by the sea that you have always wanted really can be the dream that you are looking for.  So if you decide to live in Bangkok city or Pattaya city make sure you understand that where you live dictates the quality of life and so sometimes living in the heart of the city may not always have the most benefits compared to living by the beach and enjoying a better and more fuller quality of life whilst living in Thailand.


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