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Simple energy saving tips for your Bangkok apartment

Simple energy saving tips for your Bangkok apartment


You don’t have to take out a loan or eat into your savings in order to lower the energy consumption of your Bangkok apartment. Not only will reducing your energy consumption give you great peace of mind but you’ll also be instantly lowering your utility bills!


There are lots of cheap and simple ways to cut your energy consumption, here are some to get you going:


Change the way you use electronics in the home


In a typical Bangkok apartment electronics and appliances can make up over 20% of the utility bills, and using them a little more responsibly can make a big difference over the course of a year.


Leaving televisions, cable boxes and DVDs players on standby mode can still eat up a significant amount of electricity over the course of a year, switching them off at night can save you around 750 baht per year. Worse still, many people are guilty of leaving their laptops, notebooks, and tablets turned on when not in use for long periods of time. At the very least, turn off monitors when you are not using them, and shut down your laptop rather than leaving it in standby mode overnight.


Phone and laptop chargers are another culprit. Chargers consume electricity when they are plugged even if they are not in use. Make sure to unplug all chargers when you are not charging.




Wash with a conscience


Don’t start the washing machine with anything less than a full load. Washing a small laundry load uses up the same amount of electricity as a full load. Not only will this help lower your energy consumption it will also mean doing less laundry, and that can’t be a bad thing!


Using cold water on a washing cycle can also help to lower the electrical use by around 5%.


Cook responsibly


A lot of energy is wasted in the kitchen, and the way in which you use your oven and hobs can affect the amount of energy you consume. Convectional cookers use around 20% less energy than conventional ovens, while microwave ovens consume as much as 80% less.


Try using the small hobs when cooking with small pans, placing lids and covers on pans to heat food quicker, and when you must use and a conventional oven always place food on the top shelf to speed up the cooking time.


Change your light bulbs


If you’re not using energy saving light bulbs then change them immediately. CFL (compact fluorescent bulbs) and LED lights you can save as much as 75% on your energy consumption, and they will also last as much as 25 times longer than old incandescent light bulbs.


AX121 AX131


Air conditioning


Without doubt the biggest consumer of electricity in most modern Bangkok apartments will be the air conditioning, making up for a whopping 60% of some apartment’s utility bills.


There are several tips and tricks to cutting your air con bill down, many of which are just common sense.


  • Try using more fans around your home: by strategically placing a few inexpensive fans around rooms in your Bangkok apartment you can lessen the need for air conditioning.
  • Close doors: When a room is not in use keep the door shut containing the spaces you need to keep cool.
  • Keep rooms cool with blinds. When the sun beats down on a room make sure all the windows are covered by closed blinds, or even curtains, especially when the room is not in use! It can make a huge difference to the room temperature.
  • Get your air con units serviced. Regularly servicing an air conditioning unit practically pays for itself by running more efficiently.
  • Turn up the temperature. If your air con is set to ‘winter chill’ try to turn it up a little. Even the slightest raise in temperature means instantly reducing your energy consumption (and utility bills!).


If you are using an aging air conditioner consider replacing it with a modern unit, it won’t take long for the efficiency and economy of a brand new air con unit to start paying for itself. Most modern air con units have eco settings and energy saving functions, so take the time to read the manual and learn how to get the most out of them!


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