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The Best local Food Markets in Bangkok

The Best local Food Markets in Bangkok

When people think of a market, the first thing that comes to mind is probably an area filled with shops selling knock-offs at ridiculous prices, tourists and a few dodgy shop owners or individuals looking to relieve you of your wallet at any moment. Thai food markets are certainly a hub of activity though activity of a different sort.

When you enter a new culture, it is important to try and appreciate it as much as you can. Learn a bit of the language. You don’t need to be an expert so just learn enough to get by. You should also see the sights (the usual and unusual) and really put yourself out there. The best way to get involved in a new culture is to enjoy its cuisine.

From the food you will understand a little more about the people from their religious beliefs to their economic activities to their history and traditions.

There is a lot to learn from food and how it is prepared. Whatever the case, a food market is the right place for you to be. Unlike the first market mentioned, a food market is one of the friendliest places to visit in Thailand. There are all manner of foods on display for you to choose from if you decide to cook at home.

You can choose which spices to pick and the shopkeepers can even recommend which spices or garnishes to use for your meal.

Thai cuisine is mostly balanced with starch, meat, vegetables and spices and fruit. All of these can be found in the food market. If you would rather have a ready-made meal, you still can from one of the stalls within the market.

Some of these markets are out of the way from Bangkok, but the trip is well worth it. Or Tor Kor is one such market that has been ranked the fourth best in the world. You have a variety of fruit vegetables, spices and meats to choose from all of which are very fresh. The atmosphere is nice and friendly and you can get food from virtually any stall.

There are two eating areas where you can sit with the food you bought and enjoy the cuisine. It is a must-see for the avid foodie.

The Khlong Toey Market is another market a little out of the way from the main city. If you want to find fresh vegetables and fruit in an open air market, this is the place to be. The variety of food you can get here at very low process is amazing. With such a calm atmosphere to be enjoyed, this will be one trip that is worth it.

The Huai Khwang Food market is another market you may want to visit. You will find a vast array of food to choose from, to taste and to carry home with you. Like all the other food markets in Bangkok, the choices are many and the variety is something else.

These are just a few mentions of some food markets in Thailand.

There is plenty to explore, but whatever meal you are looking to make or have, rest assured you will probably find it in one of the very friendly food markets of Bangkok.

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