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The Best Non-Spicy Dishes in Thai Cuisine

The Best Non-Spicy Dishes in Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine undoubtedly happens to be one of the most popular delicacies in virtually every corner of the world. And indeed is one of the cornerstones of the main attractions that pull foreign tourist to this South East Asia nation. However, for the most part Thai dishes are noted for been very spicy, which some westerners may not find to their liking.


Despite this fact, there are still plenty other Thai meals that are prepared without spices, but are still mouthwatering. The following is a short review of some of the top 8 non-spicy Thai dishes you may like to sample if you find yourself in this amazing country.


Gai Pad Sapparod


This happens to be a very tasty meal that is prepared with chicken, vegetables, peppers, cashewnuts, onions and peppers as the main ingredients and they are immersed in a sweet and sour sauce. This dish is usually served within a hollowed pineapple fruit. Gai Pad Sapparod can be eaten by itself or with rice as a side dish.


Pad See Eiw


This is a very popular dish that is prepared with rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, chicken which are all fried in soy sauce. Virtually all eateries or street stalls in Thai tourist cities have the necessary ingredients to cook this Thai meal.


Pad Pak Ruam Mitr


Pad Ruam Mitr happens to be a very delicious Thai vegan meal that is prepared with an assortment of vegetables that are stir fried in a very tasty oyster sauce. The term Ruam Mitr literally connotes “mixed together” which is just how this Thai dish is prepared.


Moo Paeng


This non-spicy dish can be extremely appealing to lovers of barbeques. It is essentially grilled pork that is served covered in a delicious red sauce that significantly enhances its flavor.


Pad Thai


This one of a kind Thai dish happens to be one of the most popular meals not just in this country , but also across the entire globe. Its main ingredients comprise of rice noodles, meat, tufu, sprouts as well as peanuts.


Goi Tad


Goi Tad is basically bananas that are deep fried and sometimes are served with honey and naturally make for a very tasty snack whenever you may find yourself hungry in your travels in Thailand.


Tab Tim


This non-spicy Thai dish is in essence a whole tilapia fish that can be prepared either deep fried (thawt) or boiled (tom) depending on your distinct tastes or preferences.


Rad Na


Rad Na is basically a wholesome Thai noodle soup that features large noodles, meat and vegetables swimming in thick gravy and makes for a very delicious meal.


Bottom Line


These dishes are just a tiny fraction of Thai non-spicy meals and there plenty others you can opt for. Most eateries as well as street stalls in cities like Bangkok and Phuket can easily accommodate foreigners who find Thai meals too spicy. With palatable alternatives such as the ones listed above at remarkably affordable prices. Hope this article has been insightful to those individuals that may wish to spend some time in Thailand. The above is an insight with this respect.

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