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The Big Move

The Big Move

Tips and convenience of staying in Bangkok for expats

In 2013, recent findings on expat economics show that Thailand is ranked as the most preferable country destination for expats looking for a balanced quality life and improved financial status. The recent HSBC Expat survey indicates that Thailand topped other countries for the best expat experience. This ranking is a compiled result from almost 7,000 expatriates interviewed around 100 countries. Criteria vary from the expat’s quality of life, living accommodations, food, entertainment and social life. Hence, this provides confidence among the expats to give it a try in Bangkok this year 2014.

With this, you need to consider various factors before making the big move possible. We get down to the nitty-gritty and focus on some of the recommended tips and convenience of staying in Bangkok.


One important thing to consider is the condo for rent in Bangkok, Thailand. Living accommodation in the city is convenient at all cost ranging from its beautiful location and services it can offer. When moving into a new condo for rent in Bangkok, you firstly need to distinguish the difference between a condominium and apartment for you to easily ascertain the advantages and disadvantages of choosing any from both options. The main difference between the two is mainly on the cost of utility bills. Most clients often plan to rent an apartment or condominium for 12 months duration or more.

When looking for a condo for rent in Bangkok, one important thing you need to consider is to acquire a visa supporting your legal stay in Thailand. Tourist visa on this case is not recommended since you have the limited time to stay in the country.


Another thing to consider before moving out is the type of neighborhood in the new place you are relocating. Firstly, you have to evaluate the place based on your own preference for an ideal neighborhood. You may want to stay in an area surrounded by the shopping malls, public centers, museum, entertainment areas and the like. On the other hand, you may prefer living in a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city where you can enjoy the beauty of the green surroundings and solitude. Condo for rent in Bangkok has a lot to offer if you want to choose between both living conditions.


Condo for rent in Bangkok is mostly accessible by the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) so you will have less hassle in terms of public transportation while living in your own choice of apartment or condominium. Aside from the BTS, there are also Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) stations and Bangkok buses around the city which make it more convenient for the masses.

International Market

If you’re the type who is into fashion and is an avid international brand consumer, Bangkok is the best place to live in. Researchers found out that international brand in the luxury and fast fashion categories continues to enter the Thai market and widely increases the quantity of shops in the Bangkok market. This has been a good indicator of the country’s economic and tourism industry, thus it is one of the best countries to live in. Aside from the wide array of economic and tourism successes, Bangkok has more to offer in terms of your staying in a condo for rent in Bangkok.

Relaxation and recreation

It’s important to have balance in your life between work and play, thus, if you plan to move into the City of Angels you have everything you need. Bangkok is known for its Thai massage which gives you a rejuvenating spa treatment, may it be luxurious or traditional. The country is known for its wonderful people and tourist spots which are very accessible from the city of Bangkok. Recreational areas such as the theater, cinema, museums, entertainment clubs and the like are all over the city so there is no doubt that the country provides you the one hundred percent satisfaction for a better stay. Almost all of these are easily accessible in the areas where a condo for rent in Bangkok is available.

If you looking for condo for rent in Bangkok please send an inquiry on our enquiry page and we will get back to you promptly.

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