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The Boom in Condos is Good News for Bangkok Renters

The Boom in Condos is Good News for Bangkok Renters

The Boom in Condos is Good News for Bangkok Renters

Long-time residents of Bangkok may have noticed the dozens of high-rise condos that have sprung up all over town in the past ten years. A favourable investment market which has spurred joint ventures and the increasing value of the Thai Baht have both contributed to a boom in the property development sector.

But there has been so much growth so quickly that a lot of these condos are going begging for tenants, and this is good news for locals and foreigners looking for a new home.

The competition among these property developers has also resulted in good news for the prospective renter. The condos have tried to outdo each other in the quality and amount of amenities they offer. This has led to condos being offered that all have swimming pools, modern fitness centres, lush, landscaped grounds and, in some cases, convenience stores and specialty shops on the premises.

The owners of the individual units within the condo complexes have rolled out the welcome mat as well and are offering tasteful modern décor, efficient, functional kitchens and washing machines as an added incentive to entice renters.

Your Choice of Locations

If you’re looking to rent a place that’s close to your work, or at least close to public transportation, you’re in luck as well. The boom in property development has been taking place all across Bangkok, in every neighbourhood.

Property developers also realise the value of having a location that’s convenient to public transportation. Walk outside of every station along the MRT and BTS lines, and you’ll find dozens of brand new condos waiting for occupants. Most of them are no more than a ten-minute walk from a convenient source of public transportation, and many of them offer a free shuttle bus or tuk-tuk service to the nearest public transit station.

Retailers can see a market to be targetted as well, and many shopping areas and malls have been established to take advantage of the clusters of condos surrounding the public transit stations.

Residences Bring Life to a Neighbourhood

This unprecedented growth is redesigning the typical Bangkok neighbourhood dynamic in some of the more popular areas. It’s bringing the neighbourhoods into the modern age of being able to provide the services that people want without the people having to venture out of the community.

The city planners and developers realise the impact on the surrounding urban environment that these condo complexes are having. Some areas of the city are slowly being transformed from neighbourhoods that offered few restaurants, cafes, and shops to ones that now provide a lot of concessions to foot traffic on their streets and a sense of commerce, liveliness and colour about them.

Prospective renters have everything to gain by looking for a new home in Bangkok these days. Greater ease in commuting means more leisure time to enjoy doing the things you enjoy with your loved ones, improved facilities mean a much better lifestyle, and being a part of a dynamic community creates a sense that you’re finally ‘home’.

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