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The Cost of Living in Thailand

The Cost of Living in Thailand

Possibly the most important factor that determines where you live in Thailand, apart from location, is cost.  Living in Thailand does not mean that the more you pay ensures the better standard of living, not by a long shot, but when you factor in the cost to eat, travel and social activities then it helps to make sure that you know that you are getting the best value for money from where you are staying.  The main factor for cost is location in terms of major travel areas or tourist spots and how close they are to the BTS or MRT which are the two main transport networks if you are looking to live in Bangkok.  If you want to live on the route of the BTS to get an easier commute to work or around the city then you will be expected to pay more for this.

If you are not bothered about the long travel times or the heat then living away from tourist areas and in the suburbs will mean that you pay less and the apartment or condo may be newer also as the majority of people want to live in the heart of the city and real estate there is pricey and in a prime location.  If you live outside Bangkok, in the provinces then travelling to and from Bangkok may take some time but there will be less traffic, rent prices will be a lot less too but the standard of living may be less also as there will not be as many amenities available compared to the capital city.  So if you wish to have more options available to you then it is recommended to stay in Bangkok but you will be paying high prices but if price is an issue then living in the suburbs or provinces will make living in Thailand all that more affordable.

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