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The culture of living in Thailand

The culture of living in Thailand

When you are living in a foreign country it may take some time before you start to speak the language and fully understand and accept the new culture. This means that your first few months of living in a new place can indeed be scary.  One thing you have to get used to is what happens if you require or discover any issues with the condo or apartment that you are staying in.  The majority of apartments or condos for rent Bangkok  all have their own maintenance team and they are more than happy to cater for any issues or questions that you have regarding your place of living.  For example, in Thailand you may not be aware but the majority of bathrooms in any building has a hose instead of the standard toilet system you may be used to.

This is actually a much better system in the long run but, once you get used to living in Thailand, having a normal toilet with tissue paper just does not seem the same anymore.  So the majority of apartments or condos in Thailand will gladly implement this system for you.  Another thing to get used to when living in Thailand is doing laundry.  A lot of condos or apartments offer their own laundry service or a public set of washing machines but when it comes to drying clothes, due to the climate, a tumble drier is very rare to find and so you will have to hang clothes up to dry instead but they will be dry in a few hours due to the weather, except when it rains.  Another thing to understand is that sometimes you may have lizards or cockroaches but this is nothing to be alarmed about and is actually quite normal.  The majority of condos and apartments regularly spray twice a month for insect pests so ultimately everything is covered.  Living in Thailand can be a very rewarding experience, you just have to make sure you understand the culture differences when it comes to living there and then there will be nothing to worry about.

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