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The Hardest Thing About Being An Expat In Thailand

The Hardest Thing About Being An Expat In Thailand

Setting up your life in a foreign land comes with a unique set of challenges, and Thailand is no exception. For some people, the culture might not be too much of a challenge, especially for those who are familiar with South East Asian culture. On the other hand, for people accustomed to, say, western lifestyle, culture shock can be quite a tough blow. However, regardless of these obvious challenges, there is something that weighs hardest on expats living in Thailand, being away from family.

Read on to find out why.


The Hardest Thing About Being An Expat In Thailand

When most foreigners move into Thailand, they usually leave most of their families behind. The impact of this drastic change to your life may not be immediately apparent, but over time, you will begin to understand just how deeply it can affect your life in Thailand, especially when you have relocated to the country permanently.


You will Miss Your Family

The first and most obvious challenge of living in Thailand is missing your friends and family who may be living thousands of miles away. Sure, you can work on establishing a new social life by finding new friends in Thailand. Nevertheless, while it is possible to find new close friends, family is still family, and can’t be replaced. Consequently, even with a full social life, the role your family members play in your life will remain unfulfilled, and you will end up missing them while in Thailand.


You Can’t Always Be There For Your Family

The second thing about your family back home that will make your life in Thailand a little more challenging is that you will miss important family events. For instance, while it is possible to try your best to keep up with occasional demands for your presence during family emergencies such as weddings and funeral, over time, this will turn out to be too much of a challenge, either due to the inconveniences of traveling or the lack of the necessary financial resources to be at your family’s beck and call during such moments.

So, to sum it up, you will find you and your family growing farther apart over time, which cannot be an easy thing for anyone. You will not always be there for your family members when they need you the most, as was usually the case when you lived back home.


Your Family Can’t Be There For You

Finally, being farther from your family will make your life a little tougher during those moments when you need your family the most. For instance, should you find love in your new country and decide to hold a wedding ceremony, having your close family friends back home come all the way to Thailand to offer their support will not be easy, or even possible.

Additionally, difficulties such as dealing with the loss of close relatives, especially when you cannot make it back home, will be much harder, even with the support of the friends you have made in your new country.



The hardest thing about being a foreigner in Thailand has everything to do with being away from your family. If you were very close to your family back home, you might find yourself missing them terribly, and not even your new friends can help you get over them. Furthermore, you can’t be with your family when it needs you the most. Finally, your family will not always be there when you need it the most.

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