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This Weeks Bangkok Top Dining Experience – Asoke

This Weeks Bangkok Top Dining Experience – Asoke

I’m sitting on the outside decking at Kuppadeli, a hi-so luxurious cafe located just over half way up Asoke Road at Asoke Towers, trying desperately to find a less obstructed view of the now steady flow of salary men and women and university students making their way to Petchburi MRT station for their daily commute home. As the daily carpark that Asoke Road becomes every afternoon begins to solidify, I curse the landscape gardener responsible for the wall of thick, large-leafed plants standing between me and the footpath in front of me.

Kuppadeli bangkok menu

Servicing one of Bangkok’s busiest business districts, Kuppadeli targets those looking for that extra finish on their cafe experience. They boast an impressive menu of both sweet and savory selections, with a focus on the all day breakfast and coffee and snacks end of dining, and certainly don’t skimp of quality or freshness. The portions are, at times, verging on the outrageously large; certainly big enough to put the most focused office worker into a dazed food coma upon returning to their desk after lunch.

I admit to be slightly taken aback by some of the advertised prices on the cakes selections that are the most noticeable display upon entering from the main entrance. However, the portions served more than justify these prices, and the cheesecake that I ordered was not only suitably moist and tart, but made me wish I’d brought a friend with me to help me finish it.

Adding a touch of urban warehouse luxury to everything from the high ceilings and ample natural light to the big cushions on the seats in the outside “dog friendly” area, there is a definite sense of opulence from the moment of entry.

For such a large space, first impression tells that there is actually not that much seating space available. However, this is somewhat of an optical illusion, due to the large table and chair sizes, and also the dining atrium above the main service area that is more dimly lit and not immediately apparent. Taking the space upstairs into account, Kuppadeli is actually a spacious venue easily accommodating 50-70 diners and coffee drinkers.

As one of Asoke Road’s more noticeable café/lunch/after work options, and as an alternative to the bars offered on the other side of Asoke Road, Kuppadeli does not disappoint on atmosphere, comfort and quality. If you don’t mind spending that little bit extra for the experience.


Kuppadeli is located at:

The Pride – Asoke Towers, Sukhumvit 21

Khlongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110

PH: 02 664 2350


Open 7am – 9pm 7 days a week

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