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This Weeks Top Dining Experience – MAMA DOLORES

This Weeks Top Dining Experience – MAMA DOLORES


Soi Yen Akart has long been busy well used street by both local traffic and others, what with it’s positioning as a thoroughfare for traffic moving from Rama IV across towards the Rama III side of town, as well as the abundance of local traffic that utilizes the Soi to access their homes.

However it is only more recently that the large, once residential land plots have begun beg sold off and subdivided for more commercial ventures. A welcome inclusion to the growing number of businesses along Soi Yen Akart, is a small but quality collection of restaurants, each delivering it’s own authentic style of cuisine from various culinary traditions around the world.

One such venue is Mama Dolores.

Mama Dolores in Bangkok

Opened in 2012 as a modest alfresco dining experience focusing predominantly around wood fired pizza, Mama Delores has grown into a solid restaurant offering a small but well-selected collection of dishes from around the Mediterranean region.

As mentioned, the business was built around their wildfire pizza, both in terms of the menu and the whole restaurant layout. Just as with the dining areas, the entire “kitchen” is open air, located in a type of dug out next to the main dining tables, with all operations in full view of the dining customers. The brick pizza oven is the clear centrepiece of the viewing experience,  providing an entertaining and somewhat mesmerizing spectacle as the pizza production plane processes its way through the night’s orders.

Also in high demand are the variations on the Turkish beef and lamb kebabs, which can be filled to order with a variety of ingredients. And where there are kebabs, there are usually falafel, and tabouli, bot of which don’t disappoint at Mama Dolores.

Even whilst immersing oneself in these fine tastes of the Mediterranean and Middle East, it is worth mentioning the basic Beef & Bacon Burger, served with chunky chips, which is done to perfection. The bun is soft but correctly toasted, just enough to hold everything together, the beef patti is an above-average size, and the chips are never over fried.

Complimenting the loosely island-esque open dining atmosphere, there is always a very tasteful selection of house or Nu Funk music playing at the right level from the many speakers placed around the entire establishment. Never overbearing, it always serves to enhance the general dreamy experience of dining at Mama Dolores.

Usually no reservation necessary, as there is ample seating, although if you plan to arrive with a large group on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it might a good idea. Birthday celebrations receive a free bottle of wine on the house, and they also do a delivery services, as well as takeaways.

Mama Dolores is open 6 days a week (closed on Wednesday) 12pm to midnight.

Located on Soi Yen Akart, it is approximately 200 meters from the Sri Bamphen end of Soi Yen Akart. The closest public transport is Lumpini MRT station, which is a 3-5 minute motorsai taxi ride, or a 10-15 minute walk away.

There is also some parking at the restaurant, but that usually fills up quickly at peak times.

Contact Mama Dolores at :

Ph: +66 (0)80 606 0400

Email : [email protected]

Facebook :


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